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news “Before we do that however, we focus on disability awareness. We steer students away from the cliché notion of disability being brave or inspirational, or even disability as a tragedy. We hope students come to realise from our workshops that people with disability are just as diverse as they are, with a range of hopes and dreams, and a range of things going on in their lives beside their disability.” Students participate in hands-on disability and the importance of “Working in the sector is not activities, group exercises, and down- inclusion and participation for people about that. It’s about being an to-earth discussion with people with with disability in the community. ambassador for the rights and dignity disability, as well as questions and “We challenge students to move of others. If you have a strong sense answers with workers in the sector. away from the idea that people of social justice, then the disability They also learn ways to promote working in the sector are angels or sector is a great place to work.” positive perceptions of people with saints,” Mrs Black said. news 07