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advertorial regional and remote areas. What’s more, there’s a desperate need for Enabler. “Did you know that Australia needs to double the amount of well Enabling success trained disability support and aged care workers by 2020?” Huy says. There’s a reason why the Remarkable Accelerator has such a bold name. In part it’s the Remarkable ideas behind each of the inclusive startups who are part of the program. But mostly it’s because of the Remarkable people involved. Here’s Huy’s story. T Enabler is going to help achieve that. “Enabler was born out of my personal need,” Huy says. “But this is not just about me. It’s about the one in five Australians who have a disability, it’s about our fast-aging wo things changed Huy platform to put learners into real-life population. These people need Nguyen’s fate in the earliest situations. disability support services to be able years of his life. Born in “It’s scenario-based and immersive to fully participate in society.” Vietnam, at 18-months-old Huy training – putting people into real life contracted polio. It invaded his simulated environments. By using 3D early stage startups using technology nervous system causing irreversible animated scenarios, support workers to chan ge the lives of people with paralysis to his legs. This was only are able to practice real-life and disabilities. A partnership between the part of the catalyst for the second emergency scenarios,” Huy explains. Telstra Foundation and Cerebral Palsy significant change just three years And it can be accessed anywhere, Remarkable is an accelerator for Alliance, Remarkable is Australia’s later, when the Nguyen family made any time – creating easy-to-access, first inclusive startup accelerator and the 12,000km journey to Australia to bespoke training for people in provides funding, masterclasses and start a new life. Today, the 32-year-old world-class mentoring through a 16-week program. could have been his ‘alternate life’. A Accelerator program. business innovation,” Huy says. “For As a person with a physical disability Remarkable is Australia’s first too long the disability movement has he is acutely aware that had his family disability focused impact been seen as a charity and hand- stayed in Vietnam, he would not have Accelerator. A partnership out cause. It’s anything but that. had the same opportunities afforded between the Cerebral Palsy Remarkable is about showing the to him in Australia. Alliance and Telstra Foundation, value that accessibility and inclusion the program connects inclusive of people with disabilities brings to new way to train disability support startups with the tools, skills and our community – both socially and workers. Instead of broad-ranging, network they need to succeed. economically. humanitarian engineer and technology entrepreneur, often reflects on what Huy explains that Enabler is a theory-based courses and death-by- PowerPoint, Enabler uses a mobile 3D 64 “That’s 600,000 we need to train. telstra pplications are now open “To me, Remarkable is about for the 2018 Remarkable starting an important cultural shift in Find out more about Enabler: