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feature While Bedford is well-known for its employment opportunities, Chief Customer Experience Officer Tristan Dunn said Bedford offers so much more than just a job. “Our teams work on large contracts for many well-known It’s more than the job Bedford Group employee Michael Todd has a number of qualifications under his belt after working with Bedford’s landscaping and horticulture business, Adelaide Property Gardens (APG), for four years. I lifetime,” Mr Dunn said. “Having a job at Bedford not only means you can earn a wage, but also get out of the house, see your friends and meet new people. “In addition to our vast employment offering, we provide a variety of other supports such as community participation programs, ’ve learnt how to drive a manual work and are constantly improving on support coordination and lifestyle vehicle, got my truck licence and a personal level. The work we do gets training, which continue to evolve to my Workzone Traffic Management employees outside and gets them meet people’s needs and goals under moving,” Hamish said. the NDIS.” Licence as well. I’m now working towards getting my excavator licence As the second largest Disability Bedford is also proud to be part which is something I’ve wanted to do Enterprise in the country, Bedford of the Buyability network – a National for a while,” Michael said. Group provides employment, training Disability Services initiative, chaired and community access services to by Bedford CEO Sally Powell, that irrigation, and working with heavy over 1,400 people with disability aims to raise awareness about the machinery. I love being able to work across South Australia and New importance and value of supported outdoors in a hands-on role. South Wales. employment. “I like planting trees, installing “I come into work 30 minutes early every day because I love my job.” Bedford’s employment options “Being part of the Buyability create work experiences and career network allows us to see how our progressions across a range of work contributes to the wider Small, experiences the positive industries. The work produced community,” Mr Dunn said. effect employment has on Bedford across their packaging, landscaping, employees every day. hospitality and manufacturing partnerships generated over $39m of businesses continues to broaden the direct economic benefit to Australia, would barely say a word when they perception of what it means to live which is an amazing figure.” started, but now they come in early to with disability. Michael’s Supervisor, Hamish “A handful of our employees 48 brands and develop skills to last a employment “In 2015-16, Bedford’s business