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feature Positive paths Helping People Achieve is retention rates than people without (DAAP) at Robertson Barracks which disability and comparable levels of began in April 2017. They are now of pathways to open productivity. members of a team who have assisted disability in the Northern Enterprise, HPA currently employs 68 the Barracks, and had the opportunity people with a moderate disability. to participate in some hospitality advancing the exploration employment for people with Territory. H The aim of HPA’s employment service is to benefit the community with basic administration duties on training at the Barracks Café. HPA Ausdesign Manager, Jodie PA Chief Executive Officer through the creation and Doyle said: “All candidates attended Tony Burns said there is a development of employment interviews and were successful in common misconception opportunities for people with gaining a three-year contract to work that a person in the workforce with disabilities in integrated settings and part-time with the DAAP Program. disability or mental illness will require provide the training and ongoing This work is combined with their much more attention and resources support necessary to enable their roster at HPA and they work in a team from their employer. success in open employment. of seven at the Robertson Barracks. “Misunderstanding and lack of “HPA has a strong record of “There have already been awareness has contributed to the achieving success in this role beneficial outcomes for both the stigma that people with disability or resulting in ongoing opportunity employer and the employee.” mental illness are more of a liability to to the individuals and benefit to their employer, rather than a valuable the community through sustained to the opportunity to work with team player,” Mr Burns said. employment,” Mr Burns said. NT Government, corporates and “But research states that these perceptions do not match reality.” Mr Burns said an Australian study in 2012 found that employees with disability have a lower 42 As an Australian Disability “Two HPA Ausdesign employees, Mr Burns said HPA looks forward partners to explore the design, Raymond Roach and Nathan Carrol implementation and funding of this (pictured above), clearly demonstrate valuable pathway. and exemplify this belief.” Ray and Nathan were nominated “The benefits for those with a disability and the Northern Territory number of occupational health and to apply for entry level administration community will be both impactful and safety incidents, lower workers’ positions in the Defence quantifiable,” he said. compensation incidence, higher Administration Assistance Program employment