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feature Aim High By Martin Wren, CEO Nova Employment, Sydney You are at a barbeque and keen to meet new people, and introduce yourself to a possible new friend. You exchange names and either right now or pretty soon comes the question, ‘what do I you do for a dollar’? n Australian society what we You can check out the ratings at do, or don’t do, for work is important as a social marker. employment-services-star-ratings It helps people see where we fit and that’s bad news if you are unemployed, particularly if that interrogating the provider! You know what you are looking One of Raumund Cotton’s biggest challenges has been overcoming the stigma around his disability. G rowing up with autism, Raumund was told multiple times by various people that he would not complete Year 12 or lack of occupation is coupled for – full time or part time work, with a disability. what sort of job appeals and the get anywhere in life, and he changed amount of work (full time or part schools four times during high school have found yourself at risk as either time) you are looking for, so ask to try to escape this. being seen as an ‘object of pity’ or questions. If that’s your situation you may cast as a ‘burden of charity’. Fortunately, in Australia, it doesn’t have to be that way – It’s perfectly legitimate to ask how long the staff have been working for the provider, about the Now 24, Raumund sees autism as a strength, as it gives him great focus on things he is passionate about. Raumund was successful in we have a national network of last five jobs obtained, whether full gaining employment with a tyre disability employment services that time or casual, how many hours, dealer earlier this year through South can help you achieve meaningful what sort of wages? Australian disability services and employment for either the same Time is precious and sitting on wages as your peers without a service provider’s backburner, disability or maybe even better! or being asked to take unsuitable support organisation Community Bridging Servic \˂Д[[܈[\[ٙX\[XHݚY\ܚ\ˈۛH\X\\[ZY][][ܚ\H\\ۛ[H]X]Y[\ٝ[ ]\\H\H]\[]\HHZY™\X[]Y[\[ ܙ˘]H[\\XXXHܝ[]Y\ˈ \\YZ[\ݙYXۈHݚY\X\X\H[H[X\HKZ[H[x&[]HXHق\\H\[YH[^BY[[ܞH܈\X[]H[\[$[ܙHܝ[]Y\]\[\[HH[XXH[YXY[Y[X\وHX[K'][][Y\Y\H[\œ\X\[HXHY\[ܙH\ܙX]\\H]Hܚ\]\B\܈Y\XH܈[OX\[H[[ܙH[\XHܚHY\B܈[HX\\HY\Y[܈X\H][ۙ][\H[^\˜X[[][ۜˈ\H[XX\][][YZ[\H\HX\][[ \X[]H[\[\X\]]YۈH8&\&B\[HHۙH X^XHܙX] H]H \ܛZ[[H\[YHو\X\K ]ZY [X]•Y[š[[[ۂ[\[B\]Y\[ۜ[Z[HY8$š\H؈YZ[B[\[\ K[^  ڛ؋\YZ\YZYB\ܘ]Y[܈Hܝ[]H[\۝[YHܙ\[BK8'H\\[ZY Y\]\][][][[Y[\X\Y\YX\HY[›[ۛ[KK]