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feature Christen’s employer, Greenacres, in business if wage costs are too high. problem is that certain advocates which say they could be forced to and the Government want skill based viability of the Disability Enterprise cut jobs – or even close down – if a assessments removed from the wage system due to the tool’s inequality new productivity-based wage tool is assessment tool. of determining what a person with introduced. In February 2018, the Fair Work “Instead they are seeking a “This will destroy the economic disability gets paid which could lead change to a productivity based wage to an unsustainable outcome for Commission will decide how wages tool, which will only consider how fast Disability Enterprises resulting in job for workers with disability are an employee works and not their skill losses. determined. level,” he said. Greenacres Chief Executive “This makes no sense for anyone.” “For example, someone doing Greenacres, Flagstaff and The Officer Chris Christodoulou said simple packaging at a fast rate would Disability Trust were three Disability the outcome could potentially be paid more than someone doing Enterprises which protested the destroy the financial viability of many more complex work, like industrial proposed changes with their workers Disability Enterprises, forcing them sewing, at a slower rate. and supporters at the My Job Counts out of business and many Australians 34 Mr Christodoulou said the key is one of 13 Disability Enterprises “Paying higher wages for a very with disability out of a supportive simple task or a small part of a job is workplace. not sustainable – no operation can stay employment rally in Wollongong. Flagstaff Chief Executive Officer Roy Rogers said the public and