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ndis in our society that contribute to disability. That means a big part of the NDIA’s job is to contribute to and lead conversations about disability in Australia. This was written into the NDIS Act because by having these conversations, all Australians can help raise the level of awareness of disability in our communities. If you want more information about the Scheme itself, we recommend signing up to the NDIS fortnightly eNewsletter at www.ndis. I’ve heard some people have received letters about advanced payments. What is it all about? In June and July 2016 some self- managed participants experienced Psychosocial disability: guide for mental health providers A new guide developed jointly by the Australian Government and Flinders University will support mental health providers in making it easier for people with a psychosocial disability to access the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Assistant Minister for Social Services and Disability Services, Jane difficulties paying for supports Prentice, said community based mental health providers are at the front when the new myplace portal line of helping their clients’ access the scheme. was launched. These participants “For people with significant disability, the NDIS can be life changing received an advance payment to – givin g people the power to choose the support they need, when and help them pay for their supports. where they need it,” Mrs Prentice said. The NDIA now needs to acquit these advance payments. If you are affected by this you will be contacted by phone and mail to explain how the “Consultation with mental health providers has revealed a strong need to assist people with a psychosocial disability through the NDIS process. “The guide, Accessing the NDIS, provides practical advice based on providers’ own experiences. offsetting process will work. If your “The information helps simplify the NDIS requirements, such as current plan has sufficient funds, we explaining how clients can test their eligibility and meet NDIS criteria. will offset the advanced payment within your current plan. If there is insufficient funds in your current plan “The guide was field tested with the mental health sector, consumers, and carers to ensure it is helpful and easy to use.” The Guide builds on work occurring in the National Disability to cover the offset amount, we will Insurance Agency to improve pathways for people with psychosocial work with you on a solution to ensure disability and work underway by the Productivity Commission and the you aren’t disadvantaged, such as Joint Standing Committee on the NDIS. offsetting the advance payment from future plan payments. To view Accessing the NDIS go to responsibilities/mental-health/publications-articles NDIS 19