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contributions It’s one thing to show your love for someone when everything is going fine and life is smooth. But when the ‘in sickness and in health’ part kicks in and sickness does enter your lives, you’re tested. Your resilience is tested. - Patti Davis of enjoying the festive season by stuck at home, not being able to go admiring the exquisite colours of places myself and get in the car to baubles in the shopping centres, drive. I also miss not being able to do buying paper, cards and presents, something as enjoyable and simple as I had to endure the gloomy and walking and holding hands together – sickly atmosphere of the emergency sometimes I feel like I’m not part of a department in a hospital! couple anymore. There were a lot of sick people On the other hand though, around me and we didn’t really look there are many positives that we all that different from each other. have gained from this unfortunate We all had faces of sickness, anxiety, experience, both as a couple and We have both become people that or both, and were apprehensively individually too. I do realise now are more grateful for the simple awaiting our number to see the staff that he does crucially need his own and the mundane even though from the medical team. I felt like a valuable time to himself at times we sometimes have our absurd pin in the ocean, insignificant and and I do too. I was determined to and chaotic moments. Our sense unnoticed in the hectic emergency make myself happy and a bit more of humour allows us to override area of a hospitaI. After the MRI independent, and using my NDIS unjoyful moments and lift both our scans, the doctors suggested I may Plan, I enlisted the support of a carer spirits. My husband and I may not have MS. Further attacks on my body from an agency to accompany me be able to hold hands walking down confirmed a diagnosis. on social outings. I also began going the street together any longer, but out with friends as another one of my we still manage to nurture each avenues of contentment. other by being warmly affectionate After a few years, I begun feeling physically weak and had to stop working. I'm now in a wheelchair, Having MS has changed our both emotionally and physically and receive in-house support for the lives for the better and we still love leaving the lines of communication things that I can’t do on my own, each other. We’ve always loved open. This has brought us closer and my husband has become my to go out and this feeling has not together. I adore my carer, oops, my carer. It was difficult for us to deal changed. Although now, there is husband, as that's what I prefer to with this unwanted modification to a lot more planning involved with think of him as! our relationship. I would become organising outings, but we see jealous of my husband being able to this as fun. We can’t be carefree Melbourne with her husband go out with his friends, while I was anymore, but that doesn’t matter. George and son Nash, 12. Donna Tsironis, 44, lives in Got something to say? Email or post on our Facebook page. contributions 17