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contributions By Donna Tsironis My carer Why is it so hard for me to accept my husband becoming my ‘carer’? At times, I honestly feel like I’m a patient in a hospital or clinic of some sort being tended to. But I’m actually in the environment of my own home with my caring husband and wonderful son. T hese thoughts swiftly pass Sclerosis (MS) but I still become My life-changing moment through my mind every single emotional when I need his help with Ahhh, the day that changed my day of my life. I still find it hard something. There are times I feel like life. It was two to three days before to absorb the fact that my adoring it’s a patient / caretaker relationship Christmas, on a warm summer’s husband, the father of our child and instead of a wife / husband. When morning. My husband had already left my best friend, has taken on the we got married, we both loved to go for work and I was home alone. The selfless role of being my life-long on holidays together, going out for house was so quiet that you could carer. It can be so frustrating for me, a bite to eat and not really planning hear a pin drop. There were colourful yet so comforting at the same time. our days together by being carefree decorations inside our home and a I’ve had counselling over the and spontaneous. Not once, did we beautiful, glistening tree in our living years to work through my struggles both suspect anything like this would room, in preparation for Christmas. I of accepting my condition of Multiple happen. But that’s life, isn’t it? was looking forward to the festivities, the sumptuous, delicious food that our mums cooked and relaxing over the holiday season. I leaped out of bed, put my robe on and begun walking down our hallway to get to the kitchen. But my body felt weird.... my legs were heavy and numb. I was numb from my chest down to my feet and pins and needles wrapped it all up. I’d never felt this way before. I looked all over my body to check whether anything had bitten me, for any rashes. I was trying to find something, answers as to why I was feeling this way. But no clues at all. Fast forward a few hours with a visit to a GP and my husband then ushered me to hospital. I was completely stunned and frightened. How could I feel this way just a few days before one of my favourite times of the year? Instead 16 contributions