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news The AT Chat Facebook page (@atchatwithus) releases ‘user led’ video content each week encouraging people with disability to see what is available for them to consider. This is supported by ‘Chatterbox’ a Facebook group to share knowledge and experience about AT.  Danielle Loizou- Lake (on skateboard) and Jocelyn Franciscus. Project lead Danielle Loizou-Lake said the content AT Chat creates demonstrates people with disability using their AT in everyday situations. “We show people living their lives; at university, a local sporting AT Chat launched A team of people with disability are changing the way information is created and shared around Assistive Technology (AT) in a new initiative called AT Chat. The development team of Danielle Loizou-Lake, Jocelyn Franciscus, Nick club or trendy bar. It’s important to Passanisi and Zel Iscel, all people take the time to create content that with disability, officially launched the shows people using a wide range of online multimedia information service AT to support their interests … we in October. know how important that is and the The peer developed project out of Western Australia aims to improve acquired spinal cord injuries in their AT using practical and engaging 20s. They said the difficulties they real life examples. AT is the term faced sifting through the vast amount given to aids, equipment, a device or of information there is about AT system under the National Disability inspired the initiative.  Insurance Scheme. Screenwest Chair Janelle Marr 10 news and authenticity, to introduce new voices and untold stories from across Western Australia, and to grow the audiences watching the content we contemporary community, yet the support.” “To reasonate with audiences, W want to inspire greater creativity said diversity was part of the screen industry didn’t reflect this. estern Australian screen funding and development organisation, Screenwest, has launched an action plan to help address a lack of diversity Danielle and Jocelyn both how people access information about within the state’s screen industry, both on screen and behind the camera. Screen diversity difference it can make,” Danielle said. A key action is the introduction of the new Screenwest Diversity Fund. we need to reflect a diversity of The Diversity Fund provides experiences and perspectives,” funding to producers, organisations Janelle said. and individuals to help overcome “Through the Screenwest barriers that prevent community Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan, members from underrepresented Screenwest will implement a range groups from participating in of processes and activities to widen professional screen industry the talent pool and offer fairer activities. access to the screen industry. We