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news Dragon voice solutions D ragon is a voice recognition software that converts spoken words into text to help users write. Dragon is hands-free and allows people with disability, mobility or dexterity impediments to command a computer and turn thoughts into written words. The software enables users to create Parks to the people P arallel Parks is Australia’s first Virtual Reality (VR) project that will enable people with disability to access previously inaccessible parts of Australia’s national parks and feel immersed in nature. Social enterprise New control desktop and web applications simply by speaking. Dragon also enables of Australia’s finest park areas the creation of reports, correspondence – Uluru-Kata Tjuta, the Great and spreadsheets through voice Barrier Reef, Kangaroo Island and command. the River Murray – through a VR demo. NSW Government Derek Austin, Dragon Business Manager, Asia Pacific, said Nuance had long been committed to helping people Parliamentary Secretary, Scott with disability to improve their quality of Farlow said Parallel Parks life through assistive technology. showcased the power of “The NDIS approval of Dragon Horizons has set its sights on technology to remove barriers reaffirms our continued commitment to unlocking the potential of VR and improve access for people providing assistive technology and allows to foster greater connection, with disability. us to increase awareness of the benefits inclusivity, and access to the outdoors. Parallel Parks is already 12 “Community connection, inclusivity, and access to the of this solution,” Mr Austin said. As part of its continued commit )ё́ɔ䁕́Ѽѡ͕ѽȰ9Յ́ɕ͕)ѡٕ́аݥѠɕѥ͕͔ݕѕɅͽѥȁѡA )չɽЁɔչхѼ5Ʌͥ)ɽݑչљɴȁ́ͥѥٔхѼɅ͔ѡչ́ɕեɕѼѠt5ȁɱ܁ͅ)͡ЁѥYHх)AɽͽȁI ټɽ+q]ɔɕ͕Ѽ)ѼȁхɕՅ)չѥͽѥՍ́Ʌ)ͥѡٕ䁽ѡUٕͥ䁽M呹ͅYHͥ䁉͔ݔ܁ѡ)ѡɽՍЁݥѠݥѠ́ɕЁѕѥѼɽٔɅɕѼѡٕ)ͅ ݕݥѠͅ䳊t5ȁѥͅ)Q͡ݍ͔ѡѕѥ+qYH́役Ѽ)Ʌͥ䁥́م)YHM呹é5ѥAɅѕɥѡɽ՝9ՅéɅѹ́)݅́ɕѱɅ͙ɵѼݽɱ́ѡЁݽձѡݥ̸͔ͥ)٥Յɬٕи5́ЁɕtAɽͽȁ ټͅ)ѡՉձɔ()͕̰ɘѡѕɹа)$$)ɅՅ)ܹɅɭ̹)