Link August 2017 - Page 51

Sport and recreation is one of the best tools in society to teach social norms, rules and teamwork, increase health and fitness, encourage social connections and build inclusive communities. what a person living with disability ‘can’t do’ or they are afraid of offending the person. We have found that one simple step can help to reduce that barrier, and that is taking a person-centred approach by being friendly and welcoming to all people and working with them to learn more about their barriers. Avoidance of what makes us uncomfortable is not a reason to exclude people from participating in sport and recreation. What are the top three issues facing the disability sector? I believe that the NDIS as a single issue is creating such change that it exceeds any other issue that might be in the sector. The NDIS is about choice and control for the individual and about how mainstream services can be better utilised to support people living with disability. This is where community sport and recreation can be vital. However, as the NDIS is rolled out it will create issues and opportunities not seen before and sector will need to be ready, educated and willing to include all people. If you were Prime Minister for the day, what one thing would you do to benefit people with disability? I think I would try to implement a system that allows the two major political parties to work together with long-term ideas and outcomes in mind. Too often a good program, investment or idea to support people living with a disability can be caught up in the ‘politics’ rather than focussing on the outcomes. It would just be good to have politicians work together for the good of the community rather than be focussed on the next election. industry 49