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industry in conversation: John Cranwell, CEO, Inclusive Sport SA Tell us about Inclusive Sport SA. Inclusive Sport SA has a simple purpose - to build an inclusive community through sport and recreation. We have been driving this purpose for 35 year in South Australia with the inclusive message of our founder, Marie Little OAM, reaching across the globe. Currently the organisation has six permanent staff, 40 casual staff and five volunteers indoor rowing, indoor cricket and had felt isolated and through sport or focusing on two main functions – to other sports from time to time. In total, recreation, they have been able to find build the capacity of the sport and these programs support around 250 new friends and build a community. recreation sector to be more inclusive individuals during the year. We also and to support individuals to access have an Inclusion Advisor who works What are the benefits of sport to activities of their choice. Inclusive with state sporting organisations, sport people with disability? Sport SA has a five-year vision which and recreation clubs and Flinders aims to establish our organisation as University physical education students. recreation to all Australians are the a leading voice for best practice in same, regardless of disability. Sport How long have you worked at and recreation is one of the best tools Inclusive Sports SA and how did you in society to teach social norms, rules What are some of the programs and come to this role? and teamwork, increase health and services that you provide? fitness, encourage social connections SA for five years. During my university inclusive sport and recreation. 48 The benefits of sport and Our most significant program is I have been CEO at Inclusive Sport and build inclusive communities. Rapidswim which has two elements, a days I was a Recreation Assistant for Learn to Swim and Aquatic Therapy. Inclusive Sport SA (which was then What are some of the main Rapidswim ha 2&VVW&Fv267&BvW&Rג&Rv2'7F6W2FVRvFF6&ƗG66RB7W'G2VRƗfrF7W'B'F6F6VGg&'F6Fr7'CvFF6&ƗGF66W72RR7'Bf"VrVRƗfrvF7v֖rW762BRRF6&ƗGgFW"6WFrג7GVFW2fRfVBFBFR&vvW7B&'&W FW&VF2Vf&VB7'BB&V7&VFvVVBF'F6Ff"VRƗfpvR7W'&VFǒ7W'B#FfGV2v&VBvF&v24B7V6vFF6&ƗG2FRGFGVFW2@vVVf"CvVV2bFRV"vR47'BFWfVVB&W2vVW&6WF2bVR&VG67W'BV&W"b7'FrFR4T&RvF6W6fR7'B4FR7'BB&V7&VF6V7F"f 7FfFW2f"VRƗfrvFv2GfW'F6VBv2V6W&vVBF7F6RbV&W"b7'B F6&ƗG6VFrdFRFVFRǒB( fR&VVW&RWfW"66R&V7&VF6V"2BBƗfV@fGVwV^( 23rFf6WF&FR7B&Wv&Fr'Bbג&R2WW&V6RbF6&ƗGFW֖v@FRN( 23bFf6v&v2vVV"FR7F'b6VRvfRGFGVFW2BW&6WF2`GW7G'F&VvW"v&W6V&6vPƖƖR6