Link August 2017 - Page 4

from the editor Publisher Inprint Design ISSN 1447–2023 Editorial Editor Rebecca Somerfield Design Rachel Tortorella Digital Inprint Design Digital Team Contributors Amy Park, Carole Lander, Anthea Skinner, Craig Sheather, Peter Gibilsco, Steve Brew, Peter Hoare Advertising Michelle Stevens Phone 08 7325 3209 Mobile 0419 822 717 Subscriptions Phone 08 7325 3200 Print/Supporter Graphic Print Group O ur cover story this edition is an amazing tale of resilience, determination and sheer guts. Chris Blowes was surfing off the remote west coast of South Australia when every surfer’s nightmare became a reality. A six-metre Great White shark attacked Chris, resulting in him losing his leg and very nearly his life. Less than two years after the attack, and having undergone extensive rehabilitation, Chris is back in the water doing what he loves best – though he does admit to being a little bit more cautious these days. In another amazing story, we meet Paralympic shooter Glen McMurtrie. If it wasn’t for a chance meeting with fellow shooter Ashley Adams in Dalby in Queensland in 2014 – due a double-booked accessible hotel room – Glen would never have got involved in the sport. We also venture into the darkness with Guide Dogs Victoria as part of an initiative designed to increase awareness of the challenges facing people with vision impairment. Look out, too, for arts writer Anthea Skinner’s interview with filmmaker Sarah Barton about her new documentary on the disab []HY›[ݙ[Y[ YX[]\˂B[\ܝ ][[Z\\HX]\HHYY]\]]\[Y[H M[X\[Y\[[YK[[]H\[[\[]Z\Y\’[[\YۂۙH  ̍H ̌ [XZ[[[[ K]B܈[H]\X[]K][ܚ]\ܘZYX]\XY܈H[]Y]\[HX]]]\[X[Z\ܝ\H[܈[H]]]\HX[H\ܙ\H[X\X]H]\\\]Y[H\\Y^H[\\[\X[]H\ܝܙ[\][ۂQԑ [ܝZ\HۈH]\^H]\ۈH\X] BZH\ۈXX‹[\X[][XY^[B˚[[ K]B[X]\X[\X\[[[\X[]HXY^[B\\Y[\\\H]Y܈]X^H\]HݚY\وH\YYX]\X[ X\B۝XHY]܈܈\Z\[ۈ\[۝[ [\X]HXY^[HZ\[\H[\B[ܛX][ۈ\ܜX]H[YHو[[]BX\\X\\ۜX[^H܈XX[]H܈BX\XHو[H[ܛX][ۈ۝Z[Y[H^قY\\[Y[ Y]^\Y\X\\[BYXHوHX\\܈Y]܋ HHY]܂B[[K[HX^H]HXY]x&]H[XYHݙ\XBۈ\Y][ۈو[ˈ\ X\\Y]\\۸&]YX^\[œXܚ\[ۈ\8$[[H[[Y\\X\\ۛ[B\[ۈ܈YH][ۛ[KK]KB[HXY[\Y][ۈ[H\H]\ۛ][B[H[XZ[[Y]ܐ[ۛ[KK]H܈[\X[]\ۂXX˂XXB[Y]܂[ۛ[KK]