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sport, leisure & travel usa all the way I f you’re looking for a super- sized adventure, the USA should be high on your bucket list. Travel writer Craig Sheather shares some of his favourite all- American destinations. LOS ANGELES working studios including Paramount, SAN FRANCISCO Sony Pictures or Warner Bros. San Francisco’s most famous landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge Stretching along the manicured sands of the Pacific Ocean, the Venice was once called “the bridge that Beach boardwalk is a melting pot couldn’t be built”. Today it is one of buff bodybuilders, roller skating the seven wonders of the modern beauties, artists, musicians, mimes, world. This magnificent span, opened hippies, hipsters and everyone else in in 1937 after a four-year struggle This is a city that has inspired so between. If aliens landed on Venice against relentless winds, fog, rock many people to chase their dreams Beach they’d blend right into the and treacherous tides. Pedestrians and a city where star-studded locals whacky show! including wheelchair users and flock to its famous surf beaches cyclists can utilise the sidewalks of via classic routes and highways. of Santa Monica has a century old the bridge during daylight hours and Hollywood celebrities are never pier, pedestrian-friendly downtown, there are vista points at both ends. far away in L.A. and you can catch more sandy beaches and excellent a glimpse of stardust along the shopping and dining. Perched in the located in the middle of San Francisco Hollywood walk of fame which Santa Monica Mountains the Getty Bay. Once home to some of America’s honours more than 2,400 celebrities Centre is a billion dollar museum most notorious criminals, the federal with brass stars embedded in the complex renowned for art collection, penitentiary that operated here from sidewalk. Film buffs can also take a architecture, gardens, and views 1934 to 1963 brought a dark mystique behind the scenes tour to one of the overlooking L.A. to the Rock. The presence of Nearby, the iconic seaside suburb The infamous Alcatraz Island is notorious inmates like Al “Scarface” Capone, and the “Birdman” Robert Stroud helped to establish the island’s notoriety. You can learn all about it on a prison tour. YOSEMITE Established as a World Heritage Site in 1984, Yosemite is internationally recognized for its granite cliffs, waterfalls, clear streams, X[\][XHܛݙ\Z\[[Z[XY\[[X[]\]K[[MIHوH\\\Yۘ]Y[\\˂B[x&[]\X\[[ۙH\][–[[Z]H^K8'\x&\[^K'HY[HݙHHܙX]]ܜ\\HXHK\x&\Z[][ܚ[[B̂ܝ Z\\H ][B[X[[[Z[Y[\[Z[\][ܜB[ۛ[KK]