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a strike for diversity W sport, leisure and travel hether you’re a professional bowler who can repeatedly score strikes to win a game, or someone who spends more time in the gutter than knocking down pins, AMF Bowling prides itself on diversity. to experience our multifaceted will return in 2018 to AMF, Woodville, destination for bowling, laser tag, in South Australia.” arcades, pool, food and beverage and a great time.” Companion Cards and offer a free are for all Australians including people with Companion Card in every state in with a disability,” he said. Australia during with our involvement co-ordinator Anthony Azzi to find out with International Day of People with more about AMF Bowling, and how a disability compete at our venues Disability in 2016,” Anthony said. they’re working to increase inclusivity. in competitive leagues and a further 1,500 casual visitors. inclusive our venues are and we sports where people of all abilities can embrace our ability to have people compete at an equal level regardless Wales recently held the National with a disability play at our venues of age or ability,” Anthony said. Disability Championships, which ran every day and night of the week.” for 11 days with a total of 430 athletes and was a major success. This event Link caught up with marketing “Tenpin Bowling is one of very few “At AMF we are proud to open our doors to all Australians Anthony said that AMF have lots AMF Bowling also recognise game of bowling to carers attending of guests who have a disability. with a person with disability. “We’re proud of how inclusive we “Every week, 3,000 people with “AMF Rooty Hill in New South “We officially launched our signing “At AMF we are proud of how To find out more, visit sport, leisure & travel 31