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sport, leisure & travel surf’s up W ith support from hundreds of volunteers, the Disabled Surfers Association of Australia (DSAA) is ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the ocean and experience the joy of surfing in a safe environment. Western Australia’s All Saints’ College has been a proud supporter of DSAA’s Perth Branch with many current and former students, staff and parents volunteering at their ‘Let’s go Surfing Days’ throughout the year. Acting head of service learning Mrs Natasha Saunders said the DSAA surfing events have become a permanent fixture in the College’s calendar that the community really looks forward to. “They are a wonderful time for people to connect with familiar and new faces in a relaxed environment whilst sharing a common goal – to have a great time,” she said. During the warmer months, four surfing days are held at Perth’s Leighton Beach in North Fremantle, of service with some of the school’s with around 50 people with disability partner organisations, including 1986 by surfer Gary ͍ѕ)չɕ́ٽչѕ́ѕMɔ1٥͕ɥͱ䁥ɕ́)ٕи9ձ͕ͅM٥́Qѽɍ危Ёչݕ)Mمѥɵ丁ѕͥٔɕхѥɕ͕)ѹ͡ݥѠѡMٕȁѡ$ѡɔݕɔչѥ́)Ёȁ啅̰́Ёѡ͍é́ɥɕ́Ս́ݥѠͅѥ́Ѽ)M٥1ɹɽɅݡ́ѡ́ȁȁՑ́ɔəͼٕM)Ѽѡ͔Ѽ٥̰ݕɥѡѼ$)ͥѥٔɕȁݽɱѡѥ䁥ѕаɽЁɝͅѥ́Ѽ($ɥՅ䁅݅ɔаՑ؁Ʌ́ɽ́Ʌ)ɽ́ѡ ѕՅ䁍ɥ́ѥ镹́ݡɕ䁅9܁i)ɥձմݥՑٕ́݅ЁѼͥѥٔɕ啅ȁٕѼɕЁ́ȁݽɱt5́Mչ́ͅ($()Mϊd́ѕɕɽ)Q͕ɽɅ)аɔɅٕ$+q=ȁM٥1ɹɽɅ)QM݅́х͡)Mѡѡٽչх䁹еȴ)