Link August 2017 - Page 24

interview to retrain the brain. While it is not effective for everyone, I personally found it eased my pain and with regular practice for about six months I was able to stop taking phantom pain medication.” Chris’s fiancé, Chloe, has been by his side through the rehabilitation process, and explained to Link Magazine that once the initial shock of the attack was over, there was a long road ahead for her and Chris. “Rehab was a really hard time,” Chloe said. “We were adjusting to huge changes in our lives, and trying to remain positive. We really focused on ens W&r6&2BG2b7W'@FVvWBF&VvFR&P6VvrFW2( РRbFRFw2FB6PVVBvFv2W7F&Ɨ6rvgVDRvRf"6&2FpFW&66R&7FWF2F@vVBvfRfVVB6֖"FvBRB2Vrࠐ( FRvgVDRvR2&VVw&VB&6r6RWFW&66Rגf'7B֖7&&6W76 VR( 6&26Bࠐ( F2v2&Vǒ'FBFP&V6W6RF2GRbVR2vfVRFR6fFV6RFfR266PF&BƖRW6VBFࠐ( ĒfB6rFR7F'0B2vFWBfrFBאfVWBvFWfW'7FWv66VV2ƖPFr'WBFW6R&RFRƗGFRFw0RFRf"w&FVBvVRfPGvVw2( Р6&26BFBFRvgVDPvR&V6VfVBFF2@W76vW2g&g&VG2f֖ǒ@7G&vW'2'WBFBBv2&RFধW7BFRf6FF2'W@FRFRFBRg&f֖ǒF# FW'fWpƖƖR6