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contributions let’s talk about sex By Dr Peter Gibilsco I am a 55-year-old male, who was diagnosed at 14 with Friedreich’s Ataxia. This is a progressive neurological disorder, which eventually leaves the person with severe socioeconomic and medical problems. became what I would call a sensible need and want of any person with a physical disability. Back in 2011-2013, I used to I recently undertook a trip to attend one of Melbourne’s high-class Thailand, which was planned with the brothels, accompanied by two Yooralla assistance of my regular, and very much support workers, who reasonably appreciated, Yooralla support workers, supported my wishes to be able as well as my academic support worker. to have a good time. I was able to However, my frustration regarding by Yooralla. In my opinion, speaking as provide for the needs of my support this trip was due, in part, to Yooralla’s a resident rather than as a customer, workers by buying them both dinner, failure to give timely information Yooralla has a number of broad- and endeavoured to make these concerning its vacation policy (2016). brush policies that pigeon-hole their excursions as enjoyable as possible I requested information about the ‘customers’. for all concerned. When we got to the vacation policy three months before I I live in a residential care home run Sex and severe disability are an brothel my support workers would took my trip, however the information important foundation of humanity and, sometimes play pool, while, for me, was only provided to me about a therefore, must be treated respectfully the rest of the evening was a foregone month before I was due to leave. This and individually. Unfortunately for me, conclusion. My support workers never ‘do or die’ trip (for me) is best summed my Friedreich’s Ataxia has allowed me engaged in any sexual activity; the sex up with this scenario: I was like a kid to still have full sexual function, which, part was only for me. in a lolly shop, but there was no way at my age, only serves to increase my frustrations. There is a policy failure my frustrations. It is one of the few really hard for me, what is a seemingly on the part of my support providers things I can still physically W&f&6R&6W72f"RV6RvFB&&V6W6RFWFBFRB6WFrFB7FfR6G&&gV7FrvFFB&VpF66VBגW'677VW2BfW"WW&66RWfW'FB&VƖWfR6BFFBfRVVFV@6&7V7F6W2FR6( bRF( BW6RBF&R&RWg&BvFג7W'@Rv6RN( v&W"f"F2G&B&RbF0g&vVv2#V'2BVFFR6W2V2bWfFpb6V6FrגVVG2F2v0v2CƗfrגvv2w&VBBvVBRFWW&66RגFfGV7FVFW3( VVW2W7B&FV7B&RV&R&vG22W'6vF6WfW&RFR6fWGBvV&VrbFRF6&ƗGWfV&Vf&RFBFRג7W7FW"B27V6VVW2&R'Vv&F&ג'&ƖB6FV֖0ƖfRv2B( &( 'WBWfV6BW&֗GFVBFVvvRf6ƗFFr7W'Bv&W"BF7W6&"f BגV'B6WBFrFw2FB66W72F6Wv&W'2FB&R6G&'W"W6VV6RB&fW76Ɨ6Ф6VBFWVFVǒW&f&7V62FFRwVFVƖW2FB&RWFƖVBVFFrB&g&VFr6VPvWGFrVGV6F6VFrגFRƖ7( vWfW"&2BW"v&W"vV'6FSw&FRrB7GVGv2Fff7VB'WBvVBfvVBF2Ɩ77FVBFVƖr6RG"WFW"v&66&w2@FfBFR6'&V7B&6R&WGvVVג7W'Bv&W'2FBFW&RBWFW&v&Ɨ66v&G&W726ইVvG2BVVG2ƖWv6R6WvVBFGFVB'&FVvFR77VW2&VFVBFF6&ƗGॖ&( 26WƖ7#Rv2FRFRG&6VBfR&VV7V6F2F6&7FvB6WFrF6VVFF$ƖƖR6R"7BW"f6V&vR@6G&'WF0ƖƖR6