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link loves By Kate Hill Orana’s Kirsty Bowden and Tracie Walker with their famous Blue Lake water. pull the water up by the light of the full moon,” she said. The real story is the water comes straight from the tap, with some added ‘extras’. “Even though it is Blue Lake water, yes, it might have a dash of blue food colouring. We call it enhanced,” Tracie said. “It’s only to promote the Blue loves I t’s a must-have trinket for the many tourists that visit Mount Gambier each year but behind the little bottles of ‘Blue Lake Water’ is an entertaining story. Each year for more than Lake. You’re not supposed to drink it but I reckon there’s a few who do.” Every few months, the workshop It’s in the water swings into Blue Lake Water mode and workers like 25-year-old Kirsty Bowden take a break from the With Mount Gambier’s main water supply coming from the famous production lines. For the team, the job is fun but Blue Lake atop the city, the bottle of exacting, involving measuring, manual bright blue water both delights and handling skills and high standards confounds tourists. under the watchful eye of Tracie. Orana Supervisor Tracie Walker On a sunny Wednesday, Kirsty is 20 years, the Mount Gambier laughs as she describes the common filling bottles with water, screwing on workshop of Orana Australia myths about the popular tourist item. lids and ensuring all the labels are Ltd turns out hundreds of the “The main legend is that late bottles to be delivered to tourist at night, when everyone is asleep, hotspots around the city in we sneak down to the Blue Lake South Australia’s South East. with a rope and a bucket and precisely centred. “It’s fun to do something different to what I normally do,” she said. After a morning’s work, an order of 75 bottles is packed and ready to go. Kirsty has been working at Orana for seven years, one of 12 workers at the disability employer in Mount Gambier. Orana operates across metropolitan and regional South Australia, providing employment, training, housing, respite and life skills support to people with disability. Share your views and read about all things disability-related at 6 link loves