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employment Miranda RSL head chef Andrew Harper with first-year apprentice Corey. to achieve similar things with the two young apprentices I’ve just taken on.” One of the first-year apprentices at Diggers Restaurant is Corey. Like many NOVA job candidates, Corey was offered work after a work- Win-win relationship Miranda RSL Executive Chef Andrew Harper is proud of the relationship he’s developed with NOVA Employment over the past four years. “I He was originally interested in IT, but NOVA encourages people to try fields they may not have known about. “One thing led to another and several work experiences later I ended up here,” Corey said. Now, Corey’s ambition is: “to stay here and finish my apprenticeship”. “Eventually, over time, I’d like to open up my own place,” he said. t’s actually got to the point Directors and General Manager also that I don’t hire externally appreciate people’s potential, as treats me with respect. When I do any more. I go straight to well as understanding the level of something wrong, he explains to me NOVA to see if they have someone commitment it takes to become an in detail how I can correct it. If they suitable, because nine times out of inclusive employer. didn’t give me this opportunity, I 10, they’ve got someone eager and willing to fill the role,” he said. Andrew makes sure he provides “Clubs were built on helping the community,” Andrew said. “With the support of the Board, training towards a career in hospitality we’re taking that attitude into hiring for the people he employs. He said as well as serving customers. he is not satisfied to leave people “One of our apprentices who “Andrew’s very nice and he would still be unemployed.” Andrew said NOVA provides great support throughout the process. “There’s government support to help financially, but NOVA can help with sourcing teachers’ aides to complete only basic tasks all day came through NOVA has just qualified when our apprentices go to TAFE every day. He wants to set people as a chef and moved on to bigger and and organise modifications to the up for life. better things. I think Breannon only workplace if this is required to help had one sick day in three years with us be inclusive and to limit the of his staff, Andrew is pleased to us! She aced TAFE. I’m really proud restrictions placed on staff,” he said. report that Miranda RSL’s Board of of what she’s achieved. And I hope Understanding the potential 58 experience placement. employment