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news-extra Australian Podcast Awards Vision Australia Radio is supporting The Australian Podcast Awards on May 18. A n annual celebration, the Vision Australia Radio and awards feature 20 categories Audio Services Manager Conrad that will highlight the quality Browne said: “Making content more Winners from all categories at last year’s Australian Podcast Awards. and breadth of Australian podcast accessible to the blind and low-vision event at Sydney’s Seymour Theatre content. This year the awards include community we represent is what we can book tickets and find out more a new category, ‘The Acast Award for constantly strive to do, and having about the event by heading to Diversity & Inclusion in Podcasting’. our speciality content available on our Judged by a panel of experts, with podcast service means that programs Remember to visit two categories decided by popular are available on demand where our to enjoy its own range of accessible vote, entries have been received from audience wants them and when they podcast content. independent podcasters, as well as want them. This year’s awards will some of the most iconic media brands be more inclusive than ever with the Link Magazine reading program. Find in the country, and all production introduction of this new category.” out more on the VA Radio website. backgrounds in between. People wishing to attend the VA Radio runs a 30-minute weekly news-extra 47