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autism A voice for autism Rugby star Mat Rogers has opened up about his experience parenting a child on the autism spectrum, as part of Autism Awareness Australia’s DAD film. our personal lives – and having four can help more people to pay attention children really keeps us on our toes, who may not have previously.” in particular our youngest son Max (pictured) who has autism,” Mat said. “In 2009, we went public about Max’s diagnosis with autism and created the 4 ASD Kids helps to educate people so that when there is an opportunity for others to help in some way, they will. DAD is a 36-minute short film charity to support other which follows the stories of 12 families in similar situations. Australian fathers with children “For me, being a part of the DAD M Mat said he hopes the documentary on the autism spectrum as they documentary was another way I could discover a new world of parenting at (pictured above) is an help more people understand the and what it means to be a dad. ex-Australian Rugby player, struggle and the enormous impact Titans NRL captain, and having a child on the autism spectrum include neurosurgeon Professor Brian can have. Owler, broadcaster Ian Rogerson, father to Jack, Skyla, Max and Phoenix, and devoted husband to Chloe. “Chloe and I lead busy lives, juggling our public careers with “Autism is the fastest growing developmental disorder in the world, and I’m hoping that with my profile I Other dads featured in the film optometrist Lai Huynh and pharmacist Monir Elhage. ENHANCING INDEPENDENCE, INCLUSION AND CAPACITY OF THE AUTISM COMMUNITY SINCE 1964 • • • • • • • • • • • INFORMATION DIAGNOSIS PLANNING LIFE SKILLS OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY SPEECH THERAPY SOCIAL SKILLS SCHOOL INCLUSION BEHAVIOUR COUNSELLING PSYCHOLOGY • TRAINING • GROUPS • COMMUNITY SUPPORT • RESPITE • IN-HOME SUPPORT • DAY OPTIONS • SUPPORTED LIVING • SCHOOL HOLIDAYS • SOCIAL WORK • SUPPORT COORDINATION PARTNER WITH US TO NAVIGATE YOUR JOURNEY. Infoline 1300 288 476 Netley | Elizabeth | Lockleys | St Agnes Craigmore | Onkaparinga Hills | NT autism 37