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What is a Lim-Flex®? Limousin are the ideal complement to British- based cattle. With Lim-Flex® hybrids, there are genetic options to fit every need, from fullblood and purebred Limousin to Lim-Flex hybrids. Breeders can offer a just-right shot of Limousin to meet the needs of any crossbreeding program. Lim-Flex stands for Limousin with muscle and efficiency, along with flexibility — the most significant strength of this powerful genetic blend: • Flexible seedstock for simple, easily managed crossbreeding; • Flexible market progeny that consistently hit dressing percent, yield and quality grade targets; • Flexible females adapted for efficiency across a wide range of environments. Step #1 Scope Out Your Cows LIM-FLE Limousin x Angus Hybrid FLEX stands for Limousin Efficiency Cross — the beef industry’s answer to profitable system-wide production of case ready products. NALF’s UltraMate Xbreeding System outlines how to use Limousin and Lim-Flex seedstock on different types of commercial cows to hit end-product and maternal targets. Registered Lim-Flex are backed by documented pedigrees, EPDs, and genomic data provided by the North American Limousin Foundation. Dr. Jim Gosey, beef specialist emeritus at the University of Nebraska, states, “A carefully constructed British x Continental can come a lot closer to hitting most of the targets for reproduction, production, and end-product than any straightbred I’m aware of.” Step #2 Aim at the target Market Step #3 Fire with the Right Bulls Angus (British) & British Cross Mainstream Marbling Limousin Lim-Flex Angus (British) Continental Cross Muscle Mainstream Marbling Continental (High percent) Muscle Mainstream Breed Blends of Progeny* 50/50 25/75 Limousin Lim-Flex Lim-Flex = = = = = Limousin Lim-Flex = = >75 62/37 75/25 50-50 25/75 * Indicates approximate percentage of Limousin and Angus (black or red), respectively (i.e. 50/50 = 50% Limousin 50% Angus). British may also include Hereford and Shorthorn, which impacts sire selection strategy (e.g. when using Hereford cross cows and targeting mainstream market, select sires for higher marbling as compared to Angus and Shorthorn cross cows). Progressive cow-calf producers recognize the value of hybrid vigor: 20% more pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed; 1.3 years of additional cow longevity; 30% greater lifetime production; and increased fertility. The Limousin and Lim-Flex UltraMate Crossbreeding System makes crossbreeding easy to produce calves that excel in any market and replacement females that have longevity and productivity. LIMOUSIN Limousin Today - Profit Tomorrow LIMOUSIN Today | 47