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Markets soybeans in the next few months, as well as U.S. pork. The Chinese demand for U.S. soybeans and pork will depend on trade as well as impacts felt from the African Swine Fever, a highly contagious disease with no known vaccine. Data Source: USDA-AMS Market News Week of 8/31/18 Week of 8/24/18 Week of 9/1/17 5-Area Fed Steer all grades, live weight, $/cwt all grades, dressed weight, $/cwt $107.18 $169.59 $109.02 $172.78 $104.66 $165.71 Boxed Beef Choice Price, 600-900 lb., $/cwt Choice-Select Spread, $/cwt $212.03 $8.79 $213.99 $10.41 $191.65 $1.15 Montana 3-market, $/cwt 700-800 lb. Nebraska 7-market, $/cwt Feeder Steer Oklahoma 8-market, $/cwt $150.50 $157.01 $151.88 $153.93 $166.81 $152.77 $155.46 $154.75 $148.86 Montana 3-market, $/cwt 500-600 lb. Nebraska 7-market, $/cwt Feeder Steer Oklahoma 8-market, $/cwt $162.50 $182.46 $161.82 -- $180.00 $160.99 $163.85 $174.53 $160.74 $3.18 $139.00 $3.23 $121.50 $3.19 $105.80 The Markets Labor Day is over and time marches on. The short trading week will likely be volatile. Grains and oilseeds will likely decrease slightly as speculators are growing more bearish and gains from short-coverings have been realized. Retailers will be looking to restock meat products after their Labor Day sales. After light trade leading up to Labor Day, cattle buyers this week will be needing to secure cattle for slaughter. Given the strong processor margins, this may allow a slight short-term bump in cash prices this week. I 30 | OCTOBER 2018 Feed Grains Corn, Omaha, NE, $/bu (Thursday) DDGS, Nebraska, $/ton