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Genetics The Proof is in the Genetics Since the first Limousin cattle were imported into the United States the breed has impacted the beef industry. The breed’s superior efficiency in turning feed and forage to pounds of beef made it a mainstay in profit-minded breeding systems and continues to do so today. A strong commitment in continued breed improvement by members of the North American Limousin Foundation has created cattle that are relevant in a changing industry. The North American Limousin Foundation is a partner of International Genetic Solutions, which provides the largest multi-breed genetic evaluation in the world for international cattle evaluation and the development of EPDs. Never in history has there been such a wide array of genetic material evaluated under one roof. Calving ease and calf vigor are traits upon which the Limousin breed was founded on in this country. The Limousin breed remains a calving ease leader. Limousin influenced females are unsurpassed in terms of stayability and lifetime maternal productivity. NALF was the first breed association to create a docility EPD, allowing both breeders and commercial producers a selection tool for this trait. Using Limousin and Lim-Flex makes economic sense. Heterosis and breed complementarity are powerful forces that combine to produce the total crossbred advantage of beef cattle crossbreeding. This crossbred advantage can amount to as much as 25 percent greater lifetime productivity (pounds of calf weaned per cow exposed) for crossbred cows as compared to JANUARY 18 RODEO PERFORMANCES BEST OF THE WEST RANCH RODEO JAN. 18 7:30 pm & LD 7:30 JAN. SO 19, OUT pm A part of Ranching Heritage Weekend presented by Western Horseman ® BEST OF MEXICO T SOLD OU CELEBRACIÓN JAN. 20, 7:30 pm presented by State Farm ® & Telemundo 39 COWBOYS OF COLOR INVITATIONAL RODEO JAN. 21, 2 pm presented by State Farm ® & Telemundo 39 BULLS’ NIGHT OUT PRCA EXTREME BULL RIDING JAN. 22 & 23, 7:30 pm RODEO X presented by Schaefer ® Outfi tter WORLD’S ORIGINAL INDOOR RODEO PRCA Rodeo JAN. 25 - FEB. 9, 10 am, 2 pm & 7:30 pm 12 | OCTOBER 2018 ® FEBRUARY 9 OPEN LIMOUSIN SHOW Feb. 2 Cowtown Classic LIMOUSIN SALE Feb.1 NOVEMBER 15, 2018 EXTREME TEAM COMPETITION JAN. 24, 7:30 pm Loss of heterosis shows up in the same lowly heritable traits that would be associated with inbreeding depression, namely reproductive, fitness and longevity traits. Thus, the price paid for loss of heterosis occurs as a number of very small losses that when added up can amount to a substantial sacrifice in lifetime productivity (25%). I Le�el 1 Medal o� Excellence ENTRY DEADLINE: presented by PlainsCapital Bank ® straightbred cows. Some commercial cow herds have drifted towards straightbred herds in an attempt to achieve management simplicity, greater uniformity in their cattle, and to pursue a premium (noncommodity) product. The result of this shift is the loss of most of the heterosis that once existed in many of our commercial cow herds. Call or click for offi cial entry applications, premium lists, rodeo tickets and other information. 817.877.2400 • FWSSR.COM WILL ROGERS MEMORIAL CENTER | FORT WORTH, TEXAS • FWSSR.COM