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DECEMBER 1, 2018—Oklahoma Select Bull & Female Sale, Atoka, OK JANUARY 12, 2019—Magness Mile High Elite Sale, Denver, CO JANUARY 13, 2019—National Limousin Sale, Denver, CO 24018 State Hwy. 5 Chattanooga, OK 73528 580/597-3006 • Fax: 580/597-6619 email: KEN HOLLOWAY • 580/597-2419 mobile: 580/581-7652 SUE ANN HOLLOWAY Catalog Preparation & Requests SHANA HOLLOWAY Registrations & Transfers KATHY BAILEY Bookkeeping JANUARY 31 , 2019—Stowers Land & Cattle Annual Texas Tradi- tion Sale, Bridgeport, TX FEBRUARY 1, 2019—Cowtown Classic Sale, Fort Worth, TX FEBRUARY 21, 2019—Symens Brothers 39th Annual Production Sale, Amherst, SD MARCH 9, 2019—Hall-Coyote Hills Ranch Annual Bull Sale, Chattanooga, OK MARCH 16, 2019—Pinegar Limousin Herdbuilder XXV Sale, Springfield, MO MARCH 19, 2019—Wulf Cattle Opportunity Sale of 2019, Atkinson, NE MARCH 23, 2019—Magness Annual Bull Sale, Miami, OK APRIL 27, 2019—Pinegar Limousin Road to Springfield Sale, Springfield, MO APRIL 27, 2019—Select Breeders Sale at Pinegar Limousin, Springfield, MO MAY 4, 2019—Hall-Coyote Hills Ranch Annual Production Sale, Chattanooga, OK Download the National Limousin Sale entry form at... ENTRY DEADLINE: November 15, 2018 Let us help you with your selections. Call 580/597-3006 to request your catalogs or visit our website at LIMOUSIN Today | 3