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Sales G ive the G ift of a L imousin C ookbook $800 - High Selling Embryos - Lot 26, Three Heifer Embryos, Purebred, double black, double polled, sired by Riverstone Crown Royal, out of AUTO Zofia 439Z, consigned by J6 Farms, Gibbon, Neb., purchased by KLS Farms, Chatham, La. I Ed Pinegar, left, Springfield, Mo., consigned several top lots to The Summit Sale and is pictured with Grant Jones, who purchased one of the sale’s high selling pairs from the Pinegar operation. Both Terry Graven, Lebanon, Mo. and Kevin Smith, Chatham, La., center, made leading purchases at The Summit Sale and are pictured with sale managers, Randy Ratliff, far left, and Kiley McKinna, far right. Cookbooks make great Christmas stocking stuffers and customer appreciation gifts. Contact Julie Ochsner at 970-371-0705 to purchase yours. Cheryl and Marty Brown, Diamond, Mo., were a volume buyer of embryos at The Summit Sale. 46 | NOVEMBER 2018 Award winning recipes from the beef cook-offs. $10 each + free shipping