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From the Field commercial producers. How? You ask, NALF and IGS know the power of data and when presented appropriately, it has a positive impact upon not only a producer’s bottom-line but also the buyer’s bottom-line. When these two industry members win, everyone including the seedstock producer wins. Moving forward how do you as a breeder take advantage of this tool? First step is to contact International Genetic Solutions by visiting the IGS website at www. 42 | NOVEMBER 2018 internationalgeneticsolutions. com to learn more about the IGS Feeder Profit Calculator™ and how it can help your program. Secondly, commercial producer information is critical and is data that I am happy to help collect. Some of this information includes; sire information, cow-herd make-up and pre- conditioning programs all being variables that NALF can assist with acquiring. After obtaining this data, it may be submitted through the International Genetic Solutions webpage under the IGS Feeder Profit Calculator™ tab. If assistance or more information is need throughout the process, please as always feel free to call or email me at . I look forward to our discussion from registered to commercial and in the beef industry as a whole it is always a joy to discuss Limousin Genetics. Until next time, good luck and God bless. I