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From the Field feeder cattle by harnessing the data and information that you already turn into NALF. Let’s look at the IGS Feeder Profit Calculator™ and what it can do for you. The IGS Feeder Profit Calculator™ takes into account for management practices and known genetics then provides unbiased and unparalleled insight into the true value of your customers calves at no cost to your commercial producers. The history of this tool can be traced back to the first time that a set of calves ran across the scales at the stockyards and the buyer asked, “what bulls were used?” over time this evolved from questions of sires to questions of preconditioning programs. The need for more data to help cement buying decisions continued to increase over time. In recent years buyers have had all but one critical data point to help make that decision, the true genetic potential of feeder calves. To meet this need in 2014 the Calculator began its journey with American Simmental EVP Dr. Wade Shafer and American Simmental’s commercial director Will Townsend pushing to make a better feeder calf evaluation tool. While IGS provided the genomic data Dr. David Lalman of Oklahoma State provided the information on non- genomic traits. Since then IGS has continued to improve and fine-tune this tool with one goal in mind; producing the most relevant data set for commercial producers and serious buyers. Today that access to an unprecedented amount of data gives you the power to know rather than guess the genetic value of Limousin influence calves, at no cost to your commercial customers. Now more than ever, giving your customers more to market than the Limousin Advantage. Did I mention that access to this tool that provides third party confirmation of feeder calf value comes at absolutely NO COST to commercial producers? That’s right, a marketing tool that comes at ZERO cost to LIMOUSIN Today | 41