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LIMOUSIN Today Limousin Today – Profit Tomorrow • Official Publication of NALF ® Recognizing the present and ever-changing environment of the beef industry, the North American Limousin Foundation acknowledges LIMOUSIN Today as its official publication . This publication is focused on commercial producers to convey the message of the Limousin breed and NALF members to buyers and stakeholders of the beef industry. Limousin Today - Profit Tomorrow. Don’t Miss a Single Issue - Subscribe Today Subscription Options Subscriber Information U.S. 1 year $30.00 U.S. 2 years $40.00 U.S. 3 years $52.00 Canada 1 year $40.00 Canada 2 years $68.00 Canada 3 years $96.00 U.S. First Class 1 year $75.00 Foreign Air Mail $100.00 Foreign Surface $55.00 Subscriber Name Street City, State, Zip Phone Number Email Clip this form, enclose payment, and send to: LIMOUSIN Today, % North American Limousin Foundation, 6 Inverness Court East, Suite 260, Englewood, CO 80112-5595; 303-220-1693; Subscribe online using our secure credit card payment option located under the Limousin Media tab at