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From the Field Marketing the Limousin Advantage with the IGS Feeder Profit Calculator™ By Nathan Smith, NALF regional manager As we enter fall we enter one of the times of year that matter most to almost everyone that participates in the beef industry, the yearly calf run. A time when cow calf producers and buyers sit down either privately, online or in sale barns across the country with one goal in mind; to establish the market for a product. In this case that product is the culmination of close to 500 days, hundreds of dollars of countless inputs including feed, labor, vaccine’s and most importantly genetics. Markets are currently steady or improving. Looking forward analytics and market forecasts indicate a strengthened demand for high quality calves. So how do those participating in the market tell the difference between a high-quality product and calves that are of average or lower quality? Not long ago it was strictly based on upon hide color, horn status and what could be evaluated with just the human eye. As the feeding industry changed to a margin business the need for data was no longer a luxury it was demanded. Recent years brought about the development of value- added programs promoting preconditioning to fill this need giving buyers the power to pay for the basic knowledge of knowing what the health status of a set of calves. While industry experts agree that animal health is by far the most important factor in the profitability of feeder animals until now the second most significant aspect, genetic merit, could not be measured. genetics you provide and the management practices you have encouraged. Understanding this critical link between the commercial marketing and registered genetics, North American Limousin Foundation strives to maintain a strong partnership with International Genetic Solutions (IGS). What is International Genetic Solutions? IGS by its definition and purpose as quoted from their site is “An unprecedented collaboration Today that access to an between unprecedented amount of progressive breed data gives you the power to associations know rather than guess the to enhance beef industry genetic value of Limousin profitability” or simply put 12 influence calves... progressive Now I know that some are breed organizations working asking how do these situations together to provide members apply to me? I simply provide with industry leading genomic my customers with registered information. How this ties back genetics. Regardless of your to commercial marketing is that position in the industry, your International Genetic Solutions genetic contribution will at and their access to a beef some point be marketed as genomics database of over 18 a commercial beef product. million head have created the Therefore, when your IGS Feeder Profit Calculator™. customers succeed in the This is a tool evaluates the commercial marketplace it is genetic merit of Limousin due to the influence of both the influenced and all mainstream LIMOUSIN Today | 39