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Juniors Consider Your Source By Dominic Ruppert, NALJA vice-president NALJA Board of Directors President: Randa Taylor, TX 817-504-6927 Vice President: Dominic Ruppert, IL 217-254-2558 Secretary: Hannah Ziegler, OH 419-618-2441 Treasurer: Lindsey Gulotta, LA 985-351-7674 Ex-Officio: Ethan Freund, CO 303-502-4605 Director: Aaron Linhart, IA 641-414-5060 Director: Callie Hicks, KY 859-699-3893 Director: Brooke Falk, KS 785-817-2214 As we live in a time were access to information is so easily accessible, it is very important that you consider your sources and stay away from “fake news.” Technology is certainly playing a large role in the livestock industry, especially the show side of things. With things like online sale sites, selling and buying cattle over Facebook, along with the push of products through social media outlets, it is imperative that you are not being misled. While these online sale sites have arguably revolutionized the ability to have access to certain cattle and genetics, it is easier to end up buying something you may not be happy with. People also like to give the impression that the products they are selling is the only way to your success in the ring. There are certainly products out there that can enhance the performance or eye appeal of your cattle, but at the same time it is important to remember that a little elbow grease goes a long way. My advice to you is to take the time to double check with reputable people within the industry before making these costly purchases. Having an idea or goal of where you want your operation to be heading is always to your best benefit when selecting new stock to bring into your herd. Best of luck to you this coming sale season and winter show season, may your cattle sell for a premium and you have lots of success in the ring. I Director: Zane Gavette, WA 360-389-7105 Director: Tristan Gulotta, LA 985-351-7643 Director: Colt Schrader, OK 918-704-2397 Staff Advisor: Katie Campbell 913-683-1415 LIMOUSIN Today | 27