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After a full day of technical sessions on Tuesday, the guests traveled down to Boone, Colo. for a tour of Fillmore Ranch. The attendants were able to look around the ranch and see the different cow/calf pairs and bulls that Fillmore has. Participants also enjoyed a nice lunch cooked by the Fillmore family. The 23rd International Limousin Congress (ILC) came to an end at the Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colo. on July 27, 2018. The guests had the day on their own to do some more exploring. Some stayed close to the hotel and had more of a lazy day, while others got out and explored the mountains. Departing from the ranch, attendees headed back up to Colorado Springs, Colo., to tour the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center. This was a neat opportunity for our international guests to see some of the facilities that many U.S. Olympic athletes train in. Wednesday, July 25 Thursday, July 26 Thursday morning was spent on a bus tour through some of Colorado Springs, Colo., Garden of the Gods and the Air Force Academy. The afternoon and evening were spent at Running Creek Ranch, Elizabeth, Colo., run by the Freund family. The attendees were in for a treat as Joey Freund and some helpers did a branding demonstration with a small pen of their spring calves. 24 | NOVEMBER 2018 Friday, July 27