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Feature beginning with their unlimited potential. He praised his fellow breeders for working hard advancing the qualities of the breed along with touting the directors of the Canadian Limousin Association, especially recognizing the hard work of General Manager, Tessa Verbeek. The 85% repeat customers combined with feedlot owners who intentionally seek out the cross bred cattle from their bulls to background and finish, demonstrate they are on the right track. featuring a black high seller and some years a red. They calve a portion of their cows in January/ February with those bull calves marketed as yearlings the next spring and another group of calves in April/May, with these bull calves weaned late and backgrounded to market as 2-year-old bulls in the upcoming year. The females they sell are usually sold privately to repeat customers. Being active in 4H, rodeo and showing cattle throughout Alberta every year has been a large part of their life. They routinely show at the Farm Fair in Edmonton along with the Camrose Alberta Bull Congress mixing occasional trips to Agribition in Regina Saskatchewan. Neil spoke with pride when he talked about the family times they spend together showing their cattle. Braeden still helps when he can and is also working at John Deere to become an Agricultural Mechanical Technician. Annie has taken on the role of spear-heading the cattle shows as Neil claims “the cattle love her, and she just loves them.” Neil was quick to mention though that while showing cattle is great, the commercial cattlemen have specific needs for their herds. He says, “they want what they want. Bulls should look like bulls and females should look feminine. The bulls need to be deep and thick and in working clothes with good hair coats. The shiny show cattle are nice but aren’t always what the commercial producer wants.” When I asked Neil where he saw the future of the Limousin breed going, he spoke only positives 14 | NOVEMBER 2018 In discussions with Neil, he talked about an older friend and cattle breeder that had given him some good advice early in his career. He had stressed, “work on the females and the bulls will come.” Diamond C Ranch has tried to do this right from the start. They continue to produce top quality Limousin cattle that they stand behind 100%. Neil says, “we will never just drop off a bull and drive away. We are proud of the cattle we produce and will support our customers completely. Our slogan is ‘Put a Diamond in Your Herd’ and we’re very proud of our Diamonds.” Through talking with the Christiansens, I came to recognize that the goals, hard work, passions and philosophies they use on the Diamond C Ranch sound very familiar. In fact, they sound very much like the qualities other Limousin breeders I have met strive for. Maybe the world-wide Limousin community is more alike than we thought at first glance. I