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Executive Summary and done a good job producing high quality seedstock for the commercial cattle producer. Carcass traits look to be similar with Limousin faring well in yield grade, ribeye, backfat, and carcass weight. The one exception is the marbling EPD, which the breed needs to continue to focus on without single trait selecting to improve its commercial demand. The good news is this can happen at a faster rate in the BOLT system if producers elect to gnomically enhance their cattle and utilize the information that is available to them in future mating selections. Many Limousin producers are actually aggressively doing this and it shows on their individual genetic trend herd comparison averages comparing their herd against the breed as a whole in the DigitalBeef system. The NALF staff and the board appreciate your patience with the switch to the BOLT system had some initial start up problems in the first two weeks. Not all of the Angus external EPDs where getting included that were in the Limousin herdbook the initial week at IGS and have since been incorporated into the weekly evaluation releases. Genomics where included on the majority of the Limousin cattle but a smaller percentage were getting kicked out early in the evaluations which is being incorporated now. Members will still need to incorporate and turn in accurate performance and ultrasound data to enhance and increase their accuracies on EPDs in spite of the increased value of the genomics. The BOLT system is still a 3-fold EPD generation system that utilizes genomics, performance data and pedigree data to increase the actual value and accuracy the generated EPD for each trait. It has not been as easy with any change, as there are some shifts on individual cattle that where both positive and negative as it identified some winners and losers in the new system. As a whole, there was not a high percentage of reranking on most traits, but a new system that actually upgrades the technology used to generate EPDs for a more accurate reporting system is going to have some shifting and movement. There was no reason to switch systems if no change was experienced and accuracy did not actually improve for breeders. The NALF staff and board would like to wish all Limousin breeders a Happy Thanksgiving as we rapidly head towards the National Western Stock Show for 2019! We look forward to the upcoming year and a successful bull sale season this upcoming Spring. Please call the NALF office if you have any questions as we move forward into the new year! I 10 | NOVEMBER 2018