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Executive Summary More on BOLT By Mark Anderson, NALF executive director Fall of 2018 has been transitional, as the North American Limousin Foundation has joined 13 other breeds at International Genetic Solutions with the switch to the BOLT EPD cattle evaluation. As mentioned in previous articles for the past two years, the move will capitalize on the genomic enhancement technology that is available to seedstock producers as they make their mating selections to raise seedstock that are of superior value. the animal’s life what kind of cattle they have on the ground rather than waiting for progeny to improve or verify the accuracy of the published EPD. Limousin breeders have utilized genomic testing heavily the past three years and will now be extracting more meaningful data on their cattle which they deserve given the money they have invested on getting their cattle on the profilers. Limousin cattle faired very well in the across breed comparisons to other breeds of cattle in Many commercial the switch. They consistently cow/calf operations have ranked in the top end of The one exception is the are becoming aware trait comparisons for the bulk of of purchasing bulls the 17 published EPD traits. The marbling EPD, which the that have been biggest shift for Limousin was gnomically enhanced in the milk EPD where the breed breed needs to continue for EPD traits. They shift took our base from 27 to 20 to focus on without single know that this pounds which was actually more verifies that their bull trait selecting to improve its representative of the real milk battery purchases EPD value. Cattle that did take commercial demand. can actually a downward shift on their milk make the genetic EPD did so in many cases because improvement in their genomic marker effect for their commercial herds they are counting on milk were actually 1-3 standard deviations below when they make the actual purchase. The BOLT the breed average in milk in their DNA test. system of EPD calculation extracts much more Some individuals also had more progeny data data out of the DNA testing than the old Cornell turned in since the spring 2018 run that ratioed method that has been used for years. In the lower on their weaning weight data as well. past, the old Cornell system utilized the MBV Limousin ranks exceptionally well in calving (Molecular Breeding Values) and a 1-10 score for ease, weight traits, stayability, and actually each trait to blend the genomics into the EPD, the number one in the docility EPD thanks to the new BOLT system actually utilizes the genomic breeds focus on correcting this trait the previous markers for each trait to enhance the EPD trait. 15 years. Across breed comparisons for the As a result, the effective progeny equivalents for Limousin breed look extremely favorable. This traits are much higher giving producers an early would be a positive testament for Limousin peak into the animals true EPD value. Breeders breeders who as a whole have taken their data of seedstock cattle are finding out very early in and their herdbook seriously the past 30 years LIMOUSIN Today | 9