Lighthouse Trails Research Journal VOL. 7 | NO. 5 - Page 33

Lighthouse Trails Research Journal 33 141 TOPICAL BOOKLETS TO CHOOSE FROM (USE CODE TO ORDER) Enter code and quantities onto order form or a blank sheet of paper. The following discounts are for quantities of the same title. 1-5 of same title: $1.95 ea. | 6-25 of same title: $1.66 ea. | 26-50 of same title: $1.46 ea. | 51-100 of same title: $1.28 ea. | 101+ of same title: $1.07 ea. | See page 30 of Journal for more information about the Booklets. To order the “100 Essential Discernment Booklets Value Pack,” use code: BKT-PK-100 ($195.00 | $145.00—that’s $1.45 each). We also have many smaller value packs available (see catalog and website). Authors’ full names on page 35. CONTEMPLATIVE SPIRITUALITY & THE SPIRITUAL FORMATION MOVEMENT AVILA—Teresa of Avila: An Ancient Mystic Who Helped Shape Today’s Spiritual Formation Movement | Greene CD-MN—Brennan Manning’s “New Monks” & Their Contemplative Monasticism by J. Caddock CP—5 Things You Should Know About Contem- plative Prayer | Yungen EPIC—An Epidemic of Apostasy in the Christian Colleges | LT Editors FOSTER—A Serious Look at Richard Foster’s “School” of Contemplative Prayer by Ray Yungen HFG—Heard From God Lately? | McMahon JL-WR—Beth Moore & Priscilla Shirer: Their History of Contemplative Prayer by John Lanagan LBRT—The Labyrinth Journey | Teichrib LC-DV—Lectio Divina—What it is, What it is Not, and Should Christians Practice it? (LT Editors) LP-CP—So You Want to Practice “Good” Contem- plative Prayer? . . .What’s Wrong With That? | Pratt LP-NG—Big Noisy God! by Lynn Lusby Pratt SF—Is Your Church Doing Spiritual Forma- tion? (Important Reasons Why They Shouldn’t) | LT Editors CREATION/EVOLUTION CT-EARTH—Earth Day: A Total Transforma- tion in a Post-Christian World |Teichrib MK-EVOL—Creation Versus Evolution: Things They Never Told You | Kneas RO-ENV—A Christian Perspective on the En- vironment: How the Catholic Pope and Other Leaders Are Uniting the World’s Religions Through Environmentalism | Oakland EMERGING CHURCH, SOCIAL JUSTICE, & THE NEW “PROGRESSIVE” CHRISTIANITY CIRCLE—Circle Making and “Prayer Circles” Ver- sus the Straight Line of Truth | Fisher/Des Gerlaise CL-DIR—A Directory of Authors (Three NOT Recommended Lists) | Lawson CT-RLG—Is Religion to Blame?: War, Religion, & the Interfaith Global Peace Agenda by C. Teichrib EMG—How to Know When the Emerging Church Shows Signs of Emerging into Your Church | Oakland GR-DCP—Progression to Deception | Reid HC-LJ—They Hate Christianity But Love (An- Volume 7—No. 5 other) Jesus | LT Editors IF—IF it is of God: Answering the Questions of IF:Gathering | Fisher KR-DEC—D is for Deception: The Language of the “New” Christianity | Reeves MD-ALPHA—The Alpha Course, an Evangeli- cal Contradiction | Danielsen/Lawson MD-JW—The Dangerous Truth About the Social-Justice Gospel | Danielsen NS-EMG—Native Spirituality “Renewal” & the Emerging Church | des Gerlaise SWEET—Leonard Sweet—A More Magnificent Way of Seeing Christ? | Smith FAITH & THE CHURCH BK-AMR—The Unseen Force Behind Rising Evil and Putting on the Armor of God | Kjos CF-FAITH—Faith Under Fire: Are You Grow- ing in It or Fleeing From it? | Fisher CHURCH—How to Find a Good Church (And What To Do If You Can’t) | LT Editors CL-SA—How to Know if You Are Being Spiri- tually Abused or Deceived—A Spiritual Abuse Questionnaire | Lawson DD-TMP—Sound the Trumpet in the Midst of Apostasy | Dombrowski EX-ER—Three Vital Questions on Navigating Discernment: 1) Should Christians Expose Error? 2) What Does Matthew 18 Mean? 3) How Should the Christian Contender of the Faith Speak and Behave? | Ironside/Proctor/LT Editors IR-BRK—Broken Vessels for Christ | Ironside IR-EXP—The Expectation of His Return | Ironside LT—The Story Behind Lighthouse Trails MK-FGV— Forgiving: A Story of Forgiveness and How and Why We Should Forgive | Kneas/ Ryerson Young MK-FR—Fighting Fear in a Fearful Day | Kneas MK-TR—Overcoming Obstacles to Trusting the Lord | Kneas RO-RFM—Reformation: A Brief But Important Look | Oakland RY-TRIBUTE—Ray Yungen: A Life Set Apart for God (this is a free booklet) HOMOSEXUALITY/TRANSGENDERISM JL-MB—The Message “Bible”—A Breach of Truth | Lanagan MC-6Q—6 Questions Every Gay Person Should Ask | Carter TRNS—Transgenderism and Our Children | Maria Kneas/Putnam HYPER-CHARISMATIC/NAR/ FALSE SIGNS & WONDERS BR-BB—Beware of Bethel | Randles DD-SW—Signs and Wonders: Five Things You Should Consider | Dombrowski DKN—Dominionism, Kingdom Now, and What Does the Bible Say? | Oppenheimer JL-BTH—The New Age Propensities of Bethel Church’s Bill John | Lanagan KR-SL—Slain in the Spirit: Is it a Biblical Practice? | Reeves MD-KCP—The Perfect Storm of Apostasy: The Kansas City Prophets and Other Latter-Day Pro- gnasticators | Danielsen VIS—“I Just Had a Vision!” by Kevin Reeves WCG—Are the “Supreme Beings” of the Nations the True God | Simpson WS-HL—False Revival Coming? Part 1: Holy Laughter or Strong Delusion? | Smith JESUS CALLING WS-10-RS—10 Scriptural Reasons Why Jesus Calling is a Dangerous Book | Smith WS-JC— Changing Jesus Calling | Smith WS-NA-JC—The New Age Implications of Jesus Calling | Smith ISRAEL & THE JEWS CHSLM—Chrislam: The Blending Together of Islam & Christianity by Mike Oppenheimer EM—Christians in Holland in 1941: “Should We Help Save the Jews?” (Obeying God or Man) | Eman HH—When Hitler Was in Power | Dittman/ Markell ISRL—Israel—Replacing What God Has Not | Oppenheimer TP-KJ—The Jews: Beloved by God, Hated by Many | Pearce MEDITATION & YOGA CL-YAC—Yoga & Christianity: Are They Com- patible? | Lawson INDIA—A Trip to India—to Learn the Truth SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019