Lighthouse Trails Research Journal VOL. 7 | NO. 5 - Page 32

32 Lighthouse Trails Research Journal ORDERING INFORMATION Toll Free Ordering QUANTITY DISCOUNT ORDERS: Buy 10 or more copies of any one title on pages 27-29 and get 40% off (50% for international orders). For larger quantity orders, check our website, e-mail, or call. 866/876-3910 (USA & Canada) All other calls, including international— 406/889-3610 or 503/873-9092 HOW TO ORDER OUR PRODUCTS: 3 Easy Ways (Choose one): Use online store at: Call our toll free order line: 866/876-3910 (USA/CA); 406/889-3610 for international ordering. Fill out order form, then fax to 406/889-3633, or mail to Light- house Trails Publishing, P.O. Box 908, Eureka, MT 59917. You can also scan and e-mail both sides of the order form to sales@ Get extra PDF order forms to print at www. or call or write and request. SHEPHERD’S BIBLE VERSE TEA (A DIVISION OF LIGHTHOUSE TRAILS) SIX DIFFERENT BLENDS & A SAMPLER BOX Every individually wrapped tea bag has a tag with a Bible verse. Six blends of our own organic Shepherd’s Bible Verse Tea: Cranberry Orange, Chai Green, Peach White, Vanilla Almond, Spicy Red Chai, and Peppermint. Also a Sampler Box. Each flavor is $6.95 per box of 20 tea bags ($5.95 for 4 or more boxes). U.S. shipping: 1-3 boxes = $3.00; 4-6 boxes=$5.50; 10+ boxes=$8.50; for Canada and international shipping for tea, use the same rates as those shown below for DVDs (e.g., 1 box of tea same rate as 1 DVD). Try our 60- bag variety pack (10 of each flavor) for $14.95 (Code: TC2). ** new tea tags with larger print on verses ** International Shipping Rates for Journal Subscribers (For more rates, please go to: or call or e-mail.) CANADA 1-2 BOOKS - $14.95 1-2 DVDS/CDS - $8.95 3-4 BOOKS - $21.95 3-4 DVDS/CDS - $12.95 5-17 Books/DVDs/CDs - $44.95 18-25 Books/DVDs/CDs-$58.95 OTHER INTERNATIONAL 1-2 BOOKS- $21.95 1-2 DVDS/CDS- $12.95 3-4 BOOKS/DVDs/CDs - $35.00 3-4 DVDs/CDS - $21.95 5-17 BOOKS/DVDs/CDs - $62.95 18-25 BOOKS/DVDs/CDs - $79.95 U.S.A. S hipping rates for journal subscribers : $6.00 flat rate shipping for all U.S. addresses . For orders less than (>) 1 pound, U.S. shipping is $4.00 (e.g., >12 booklets, >4 boxes of tea, >3 DVDs, >2 books) Billing Information (If you are using a credit card, and your billing address on your card is different than address on front of form, please fill enter card address here.) Name______________________________________________________ Phone Number (optional) ___________________________ Billing Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Address Cont. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ City State/Country Zip Payment Type (circle one): Credit Card Check Credit Card Number Money Order We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Expiration Date __ / __ / ____ Signature for Credit Card ______________________________________________________ Shipping Address (leave blank if same as billing or same as address on front) Name______________________________________________________ Phone Number (Optional)__________________________ Billing Address ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Address Cont. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ City State/Country Zip CHECK APPROPRIATE BOX(ES): I have a new mailing address. I have included the new address on this order form. Please update your files. Please find enclosed my order and payment (check, money order, or credit card number). CIRCLE 1 or more: a) RENEW SUBSCRIPTION b) NEW SUBSCRIPTION c) BUY SUBSCRIPTION FOR SOMEONE ELSE (Include a note with that person(s) name(s) and mailing address and also subscription fee (see page 2 of Journal). Please include a Lighthouse Trails catalog with my order.