Lighthouse Trails Research Journal VOL. 7 | NO. 5 - Page 30

Lighthouse Trails Research Journal 30 141 TOPICAL BOOKLETS FROM LIGHTHOUSE TRAILS The Lighthouse Trails Booklets are topical booklets designed to share with others important truths from a biblical perspective. What is so wonderful about these Booklets is two-fold: one, we are selling them at very low prices so just about anyone can afford to buy them (with quantity orders of the same title, the discount is as much as 45% off retail); and two, we are told when they are being handed out to people by our readers, people are reading them. That’s the best news of all! Each Booklet is between 10-18 pages and is written by one of the authors listed on page 35 of the Journal. The booklets can be pur- chased individually or in bulk at very affordable prices and given out. EACH BOOKLET IS $1.95 RETAIL WITH THE FOLLOWING DISCOUNTS: 6-25: $1.66; 26-50: $1.46; 51-100: $1.28; AND 101 OR MORE: $1.07 THESE DISCOUNTS APPLY FOR QUANTITIES OF THE SAME TITLE. FULL COLOR GLOSS COVERS 5 1/2” X 8 1/2” | 10-18 PAGES HIGH QUALITY WHITE HEAVY GLOSS PAPER 141 BOOKLETS TO SHARE WITH THOSE YOU CARE ABOUT FULL COLOR, COMPELLING COVERS BOOK-SIZE DIMENSIONS 10-18 PAGES LONG VITAL INFORMATION INSIDE! (And Plenty of Documentation) ORDERING INFORMATION **SEE FULL LIST OF BOOKLETS ON PAGES 33-34** (You can use the order form included with this Journal. If you need another order form, you can print one from our website at, use a blank sheet of paper, or request one via e-mail, phone, or mail. You can also place an order on our secure online store: NEW BOOK RELEASE Book Information 128 pages | Retail: $11.50 Softbound ISBN: 978-1-942423-43-0 Product Code: SNTS Includes Scripture Index * * WAR AGAINST THE SAINTS* * A BIBLICAL INSIGHT INTO OUR SPIRITUAL BATTLE Written by Bill Randles A biblical insight into the spiritual warfare experienced by all believers, which is often misunderstood and dealt with in humanly devised methods. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against unseen foes of the spiritual realm. This book will help show you how to arm for battle. The book addresses the following areas: the subtlety of the serpent; the ultimate lie (pantheism); what is antichrist and what are his tactics?; the new gnostics; the kings of the Earth; the serpent and the dragon; the adversary’s assault on the world and the church; a confessional warfare; how people deny Christ (without even realizing it); how we win by losing. **PRODUCTS YOU CAN TRUST** Lighthouse Trails now has over 700 products, which includes books, booklets, DVDs, CDs, audio books, and our own Shepherd’s Bible Verse Tea (see order form). Topics we cover include apologetics, spiritual deception in the church, persecution, youth & family, creation, evangelism, Volume 7—No. 5 Published by Lighthouse Trails. Available through LT and can be ordered through most major online and walk-in stores. Will be available in Kindle and E- pub in late October. RELEASE DATE: OCTOBER 7, 2019 | CAN BE PRE-ORDERED protecting children, New Age in the church, and more. In addition, we have a collection of hand-selected KJV Bibles from three trusted publish- ers. For a complete listing of all our products, visit our website at www., or request one of our free catalogs. SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019