Lighthouse Trails Research Journal VOL. 7 | NO. 5 - Page 28

Lighthouse Trails Research Journal 28 BOOK—$14.95, TWC, 352 pages, Diet Eman Rescuing Randy A family rescues their Son from a religious cult. BOOK—$13.95, RR, 208 Pages, Photos , Geneva Paulson Let There Be Light BOOK— Autobiography, $13.95, LTBL, 224 pages Roger Oakland Moscow Express and Other Stories From Russia BOOK—Au- tobiography, $12.95, MSC- EXP, 160 pages, Georgi Vins Chains Couldn’t Hold Me BOOK— Autobiography, $14.95, CHNS, 212 pages, Cedric Fisher EVERYTHING ON PAGES 27-29 QUALIFIES FOR QUANTITY DISCOUNTS (except for items in grey box) See order form on pages 31- 32 for quantity discount details. Volume 7—No. 5 Foxe’s Book of Martyrs For Many Shall Come in My Name An “Ancient Wisdom” is drawing millions of people into mystical experiences and preparing the world for the end of the age. Things We Couldn’t Say True story of Diet Eman, a young Christian woman who joined the resistance movement in the Netherlands during WWII. Supremely inspiring accounts of those who gave their lives defending the truth of the Gospel. Much can be learned not only of their fortitude but also of an apostate false church that persecuted them. BOOK—$14.95, FX, 288 pag- es, John Foxe BOOK—$13.95, FMSC, 24 pages, Ray Yungen Stolen From My Arms A kidnapped boy—a desperate mother BOOK— $14.95 , SALE: $5.95, STL, 288 pages, Katherine Sapienza Castles in the Sand Novel about the dangers of the spiritual forma- tion movement —$12.95, CS, 224 PAGES, CAROLYN A. GREENE Changed by Beholding BOOK— Devotional, $11.95, CH-BH, 140 pages, Harry Ironside Calvinism: None Dare Call It Heresy BOOK—$11.95, CLVN, 128 pages, Bob Kirkland, D.D. The Need for Discernment Lecture by Mike Oppenheimer— DVD, $19.95, MO-DSC Rick Warren’s Panacea: A Fig Leaf of Deception Lecture by Mike Oppenheimer—DVD, $15.95, RWPP Strength For Tough Times A devotional book that turns to the Word of God. BOOK— $11.95, S TT- 2ND, 132 pages, Maria Kneas Holiness: The False & the True A biographical & biblical expla- nation. BOOK— $12.95, HLY, 170 pages, Harry Iron- side NOVEL— Sale: $5.95, DI, 288 pages, Carolyn A. Greene Witness to This Generation Creation Evan- gelism for these last days BOOK—$12.95, WTG, 160 pages, Roger Oakland The Trinity: The Triune Nature of God Father ten Boom, God’s Man BOOK—Study Help, $11.95, TRNY, 140 pages, Mike Oppenheimer BOOK—$13.95, GM, 160 pages, Corrie ten Boom Dangerous Illusions The sequel to Castles in the Sand — Simple Answers: Understanding the Catholic Faith BOOK—$12.95, SA, 160 pages, Ray Yungen The Messiah Factor BOOK—$14.95, TMF, 208 pages, Tony Pearce Examining the Teachings of Joyce Meyer Lecture by Mike Oppenheimer—DVD, $15.95, MO-MEYER Joel Osteen: The Smile of Deception Lecture by Mike Oppenheimer—DVD, $14.95, MO-JO The gods of the Nations/The God of Israel Lecture by Mike Oppenheimer—DVD, $16.95, MO-NA-ISRL SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019