Lighthouse Trails Research Journal VOL. 7 | NO. 5 - Page 23

Lighthouse Trails Research Journal Letters to the Editor—continued from previous page the clear biblical teaching we all participate in. Now living back in Germany again, I still participate in our virtual church setting. E.g. Today about 20 believers participated via 12 Skype connections. We also connect indi- vidually with each other, to communicate on a more private basis. This is not perfect, but the exchanges are biblical. Wolfgang CHURCHLESS IN NORTH AMERICA We are writing this letter to encourage oth- ers in their journey to find a Bible-believing church that values sound biblical doctrine and the authority of Scripture. We became aware of a significant shift in our C&MA [Christian & Missionary Alliance] church after they picked up a new hip pastor from a California mega church. Some of the first things we noticed included the new lingo and dress-down look, the extensive use of The Message, the feel good TED Talks salted with a few out-of-context Scriptures, the kicking out of the old worship team, and the bringing in of the very loud rock- band-style worship along with smoke and lights, the removal of mailboxes in order to bring in the Emerging pastor’s book table, removal of crosses and Bibles (one day, we led a couple to Christ and could not find one Bible in the church to give them), the embracement of native-related issues with an actual smudging ceremony performed in the sanctuary, the supporting of commu- nity organizations that embrace abortion and homosexuality, the social-gospel mes- sage, SHE conferencing, and the promotion of Yoga, etc. The list is endless and goes on and on, typical for a lot of mega churches (emerging/seeker sensitive/purpose driven). . . . Sadly, we have come to know many solid Christians in two churches who are just not aware of the false teaching of the emerging pastors of today. It would appear that unity in the church is more important than sound biblical doctrine, so now again we are churchless. Sadly, the little Baptist church pastor, despite attempts by us and Volume 7—No. 5 23 others, has been convinced by the elders that things are taken out of context and to tow the party line despite him knowing the truth. Hopefully, he doesn’t find himself out on the street when he doesn’t get in line with the emerging agenda. Thanks for all you guys do in exposing error and preparing the Body of Christ for the fight of truth. Apostasy is now in the evangelical church of North America. T & J [T & J’s entire letter can be read on the LT blog.] LAMBS AMONG WOLVES I am sending you out as lambs among wolves . . . There will come a time that when they kill you, they will think they are doing God a favor . . . God reminded me today that Jesus said that. It seems surreal that those who call themselves by God’s name are in- creasingly taking a stand against His word, and actively persecuting those in the church who speak up for Him. I’ve had to tell Him I’m willing to die for Him, even at the hands of U.S. church-goers. It’s not a thought most Americans have, I think. We’re used to murderous persecution happening elsewhere in the world, and here we are quick to engage in litigation for our “constitutional rights” when threatened. There’s nothing wrong with “appealing to Rome” when it is allowed, but we must re- member that Paul was eventually martyred. . . . Fill your lamps and trim your wicks and hold fast to His Word as you wait for Him, even though they turn you out of the church and would destroy your very life. Hide yourself in Him, and feast on His goodness. “Everyone who desires to live a godly life in Jesus Christ will be persecuted.” B. CALVINISM, AUGUSTINE, AND PLATO It is a standard claim by Calvinists that their system is misunderstood by every non-Calvinist. Do you realize what this implies? It implies that the Holy Spirit has given Calvinists special spiritual insight that He hasn’t given to other Christians. This claim is closer to Gnosticism than it is biblical Christianity. Do Calvinists realize that John Calvin based his system on the works of Augus- tine of Hippo? In fact, Calvin claimed that he wrote nothing that Augustine would have disagreed with. Augustine claimed that Scripture must be interpreted using a Platonic framework and even called Plato a pre-Christian Christian. Plato was a pagan pure and simple. Augustine’s writings are blatant syncretism and so is any system based on Augustine. It is fairly simple to understand Calvinism by reading Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. A really instruc- tive exercise is to take the allegory and “Christianize” it by changing some of the vocabulary so it sounds biblical. The prison- ers become the “unregenerate” the sunlight becomes “illumination of the Holy Spirit.” No one has ever denied that there are many Calvinists who are faithful to the Lord. Their faithfulness is in spite of the Calvinist philosophy not because of it. Glenn THE GOSPEL TO THE INDIGENOUS OF THE NORTH Stories from Indian Wigwams is a fascinat- ing first-hand account by Egerton Young, a missionary to the indigenous of the north. The account of the four Indians looking for the Bible was heart-breaking. When they finally reached some Europeans, who were R. Catholic, there was not one person who could give them a Bible. They walked the long journey back home (Western U.S.), sick and disheartened. As a result, this tribe continued in their old pagan ways with no hope. Without Christ, the tribes were abusive to the women and ruled by witchcraft and drugs. So sad. The courage of Young and his family to live among these people is admirable. He always proclaimed the Gospel using God’s Word. They had an amazing love for the Native people of the north. I encourage all of us to read this missionary book. It is a treasure. Elizabeth SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019