Lighthouse Trails Research Journal VOL. 7 | NO. 5 - Page 22

Lighthouse Trails Research Journal 22 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR HARD TO BELIEVE I recently mentioned about the Gay Pride parade here in the GTA and what a shame it was that their flag was hoisted along with the Canadian flag. One Christian street preacher was arrested for preaching the Gospel in a Gay area. I mentioned we should support him. One of the church ladies was extremely upset with me for criticizing these poor people who have a “disease.” Really? If it is a disease, then why is it celebrated and paraded down Yonge Street as the morally superior lifestyle? So even in my “Open Brethren,” assembly we have Christians who are this ignorant of their Bibles. Hard to believe. Allan TIRED OF CHURCHES THAT DO NOT CONTEND FOR THE FAITH I just wanted to thank you so very much for taking a stand for biblical truth and having the courage to expose the errors regarding Calvinism and Reformed Theology knowing full well that some would no longer support, follow, or recommend your ministry. I had to leave my previous church of five years because the pastor started allow- ing books [by Calvinists] to be used in the women’s Bible study groups. I talked with my pastor and explained my concerns regarding Calvinism and Reformed Theol- ogy. We e-mailed back and forth quite a few times, but since he was not willing to take a stand for biblical truth, I told him that as much as I had appreciated his preaching up to that point, I could no longer stay because of how he doesn’t see the serious concerns that a Christian should have regarding these teachings. In our conversations, he also told me that the worship leader is a Calvinist and that many who attend the church were also Calvinists. He had also told me that the church he grew up in split because of Cal- vinism, so I think he is afraid to take a stand knowing that the same thing will happen at the church he pastors. That is why I appre- Volume 7—No. 5 ciate your decision at Lighthouse Trails to boldly, but lovingly, speak the truth on these divisive and destructive teachings that distort God’s Word, and His character as well. Standing for biblical truth certainly can be hard and often painful, especially when leaving a church and not finding a bibli- cally solid church to attend. After leaving my previous church and searching for the past two years, all I see are either Reformed/ Calvinistic churches in their theological position, churches that have adopted the “Purpose Driven” model, or ones that promote Contemplative Spirituality in their Spiritual Formation classes/studies.” God Bless You, M. INTEREST IN CONTEMPLATIVE CATHOLIC MONASTERIES INCREASING Just wanted to forward some pertinent information [see article below] regard- ing Catholicism and the increase of their number at these end times. . . . I think you will understand it as a mark and sign of the Catholic Church’s pervasive influx of error. You may already know about it, but it fulfills much of what Roger Oakland speaks about, as well as many of your other authors. SF EDITOR’S NOTE: The article our reader is referencing is titled “Latin Mass, Church Traditions Bring Boom in Vocations for U.S. Order of Nuns (from Lifesite News, a Catholic news site). The article states: “In an age where religious professions are in decline, especially in the United States, one order is looking back in time to buck the trend. The Discalced Carmelites have turned from the modern Church’s reforms of the 1960s and embraced ancient tradi- tions—particularly the traditional Latin Mass. Now their order is booming, with multiple at-capacity monasteries dotting the eastern U.S. . . . St. Teresa of Avila (1515–1582), whom the Carmelites revere as their patroness, is one of the order’s most distinguished saints. A famous mystic and foundress of many Carmelite houses, she also wrote the famous works The Way of Perfection and The Interior Castle. . . . With the Church’s ancient liturgy and traditions now firmly ensconced in the order, ‘young women are writing, are knocking at the door to enter,’ said Mother Stella. ‘The growth is very clear and very palpable.’ . . . Mother Stella did not mince words regarding the importance of the contemplative orders. (source: news/latin-mass-church-traditions-bring- boom-in-vocations-for-us-order-of-nuns) Editor’s Note Continued: The Carmelite Order of the Catholic Church is rooted in contemplative spirituality. What we find noteworthy about the news article just referenced is that what is being called Catholic “church traditions” is largely contemplative prayer (the spirituality that is drawing people into the Carmelite Or- der as well as into the Catholic Church). Ray Yungen examines this influence in his article “Contemplative Spirituality—the Source of the Catholic Church’s Expan- sion.” In that article, Yungen states: “I had always been confused as to the real nature of this advance in the Catholic church. Was this just the work of a few mavericks and renegades, or did the church hierarchy sanction this practice? My concerns were affirmed when I read in an interview that the mystical prayer movement not only had the approval of the highest echelons of Catholicism but also was, in fact, the source of its expansion.” ALTERNATIVE TO A CHURCH SETTING IN GERMANY Due to lack of a church in an area close to France, Switzerland, and Germany, I was invited to participate via FaceTime and now Skype in a “virtual” church. I re- ally appreciate this because everyone of the brethren is asked to contribute some Bible verse messages, propose a hymn or a prayer. I’ve participated since 2013 and really enjoy Concludes on next page SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2019