LIFT Annual Report 2014: What Matters Most - Page 9

LIFT Impact Report 2014 OUR APPROACH 9 At LIFT, we help our Members navigate their way through tough times as they work to strengthen economic foundations for themselves and their families. Along the way, they become better equipped to overcome future hurdles and achieve their dreams. Here’s a look at what happens on the journey of a LIFT Member. 10 Ways to Ace Your Interview! I GOT THE JOB! & Together with their Advocate, they work to achieve the goal. Sometimes, they are connected to workshops & peer networks. They meet their goal and set a new one. Then we help them navigate their way to reaching their goals. Over time, the Member comes back to LIFT to make further progress on their game plan & workshop bumps in the road. In between meetings, the Member does homework like going to job interviews or following up with referral partners. Throughout their time with LIFT, Members can opt in to participate in trainings, workshops, and peer groups aimed at increasing hard skills like digital literacy and soft skills like interpersonal communication. This extra level of support helps Members build confidence and further connect to their community. Ultimately, the hard work pays off, and the Member reaches their goal. For some this takes a matter of weeks and for others this takes months, but once they reach their goals, the entire LIFT team celebrates their success. Then, armed with confidence and a sense of possibility, they are ready to work on a new goal.