LIFT Annual Report 2014: What Matters Most - Page 8

OUR APPROACH 8 What it’s really like to be a Member at LIFT. Navigating complex systems is never easy – especially for someone who is facing economic hardship. Rental Help Employment Food Pantry A person facing a challenge comes to a LIFT center. We work with members of the community, usually those who have low or no income, who are facing a crisis like losing their job, being evicted from their home, or needing critical basic necessities. When they come to LIFT, they are unsure about what steps to take next. They are paired up with a LIFT Advocate. Members are paired up with a volunteer Advocate because we know that collaboration is essential to solving tough problems. We enlist passionate people to apply their research, creative thinking, and computer skills to help Members achieve their goals. They set a goal. The first thing that a LIFT Member does is set a goal--for example, to get a job. By listening to Members’ aspirations, the Advocate helps them set their goal and then develop a step-by-step game plan to achieve it.