LIFT Annual Report 2014: What Matters Most - Page 5

LIFT Impact Report 2014 WELCOME “What matters most is that we are helping our Members achieve the goals they set for themselves -- the goals that will help them live happier, more secure lives.” in more on-the-job training and individual case consultations, and invested in building stronger community-based partnerships. We also rolled out a new system that allows us to systematically listen to what our Members tell us is working and what is not – and based on what they tell us, we innovate and change. And we’re seeing the results – Members are engaging more deeply with us and we are seeing major increases in outcomes for all Members. Members who come to a LIFT center at least four times in six months represent 43 percent of our Member base and we saw a 53 percent increase in total Member progress towards jobs, housing, and income supports. This progress meant that in the past year alone, we helped our Members access $7 million in wage and income supports. LIFT is making measurable impact in the lives of the families we are serving and we are better equipped than ever to do so because of the support from LIFTers like you. Without you, we could not do this work, and going forward, we will not be able to move the mountains we aspire to move without your continued engagement. One of our favorite sayings is that poverty is complex, but getting help doesn’t have to be. Now, more than ever, we are demonstrating that this is true and can be true for millions more Americans. We thank you for standing with us in this moment and for supporting us as we realize our vision of building happier, more secure lives for our Members and for others like them. Yours in service, Kirsten E. Lodal CEO & Founder Michael F. Gilligan Chairman, National Board of Directors 5