LIFT Annual Report 2014: What Matters Most - Page 4

4 WELCOME Dear LIFTers, 50 years after the launch of the War on Poverty, we have much work left to do. 50 million Americans live in poverty and nearly one in two people are facing some form of financial instability. The problem we are facing is great, yet at LIFT we believe it is not insurmountable. And the reason we believe this is because of the determination and change we see across our six regions every day. In the last year, 10,000 people had the courage to walk through our doors, commit to working hard in partnership with our advocates, and in doing so, give their dreams another shot. These people, our Members, are incredible individuals striving to make a better life for themselves and their families, and their journeys take different shapes. One journey may be a search for safe housing, another a plan to go back to school, but regardless of what shape their goals take we are committed to doing what it takes to support them in achieving their dreams. What matters most at LIFT – our bottom line – is our Members’ success. Three years ago, we launched a strategic plan premised on dramatically improving this bottom line. By evolving our program model, we aspired to deepen the impact of LIFT’s program on the lives of our Members, and in doing so, demonstrate a new, highly effective approach to helping people achieve stability and well-being. In the last year, we made some big changes to support this vision – we increased the time our Advocates and Members meet, layered