LIFT Annual Report 2014: What Matters Most - Page 33

LIFT Impact Report 2014 “Whatever problem you have, LIFT offers a warm welcome. They are cariñosas [kind/ loving].” They help you regardless of what your problem is. When I have urgent needs, I can ask my Advocate. LIFT is really committed to that model, and also at the same time to using metrics and data to enable them to help Members as efficiently and effectively as possible. You do your part talking about LIFT in the community, and by keeping your commitment, doing all your paperwork, and reaching your goals. One of my goals is learning English, and LIFT helps with that, too, along with my other goals like insurance and eventual employment. This is a new chapter in my life, a new opportunity. In my life, whenever I’ve been in a difficult place, I’ve turned to mentors who’ve taken big risks and emerged with their lives intact. As an immigrant, you took a big risk coming here. When I first arrived here, I was all alone. An orphan at 49! And a couple took me in. They gave me a job, they bought me a car. They took me to get shoes. They protected me. We’re all so proud of you, Rafael. When you come to LIFT, you brighten everyone’s spirits. Despite all the difficulties you’ve faced, despite your pain, your spirit remains lively. You’re an inspiration. LIFT sees me for who I really am. I will never forget that. REAL STORIES 33