LIFT Annual Report 2014: What Matters Most - Page 32

32 REAL STORIES Risks and Rewards: A Conversation Between Coddy J. & Rafael LIFT-LA board member Coddy Johnson talks to Rafael, a Member, about the challenges he’s faced and how he’s overcome them. Coddy: How did you discover LIFT? Rafael: I was visiting an L.A. County office across the hall from LIFT. I was there applying for disability after a work accident. What happened? I hit my knee on a piece of sharp metal, and a few months later, I slipped on oil that had been spilled on the floor. My back required surgery. My Advocate helped me apply for unemployment Insurance and solve transportation and legal issues. I am so glad to hear you say that Rafael. LIFT is very intentional about integrating with other social services in Magnolia Place. LIFT stays with you and hopes to be a kind of “primary care physician,” helping navigate the system. It’s true. Whatever problem you have, LIFT offers a warm welcome. They are cariñosas [kind/loving]. One of the things I appreciate most about LIFT is the emphasis on human connection and the dignity in how LIFT treats members.