LIFT Annual Report 2014: What Matters Most - Page 23

LIFT Impact Report 2014 REAL STORIES “Financially, the deck is stacked against people, and I want to keep helping Members get out and stay out of the debt trap.” about. Things like, am I going to get dinner tonight after basketball practice? Looking back, I didn’t see how complex poverty is. I’m seeing a fuller picture. For example, I never thought about the mental health connection. Without the right help, they’re not going to make progress on those other tangible goals. It’s like the time a water pipe burst and flooded my apartment. I was irate, but after I calmed down I remembered all the supports I had in place to assist me through this situation. I had a doorman who caught the flood early, insurance to cover all the damage, somewhere I could stay in the meantime. When one of my members was in a car accident, he was experiencing traumatic stress, and we set him up with a therapist weekly. It stabilized his mental state so he could better make progress on the other issues. You helped him organize his finances so he could pay his bills on time, and you helped him get better insurance coverage. He just needed the opportunity to see his own potential. Sometimes people just need someone in their corner, and that the sense of accomplishment is as important as the accomplishment itself. 23